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  • By the numbers
    • 6in the nation for in the nation for total export dollars at nearly $54.5 billion (2017), and 3rd for exports to the U.S.’s 20 Free Trade Agreement (FTAA) partners, at $37.5 billion (1)
    • 1in the U.S. with $820,000 in federal dollars to assist companies with exporting awarded by SBA (2)
    • 1.8billion dollars since 2012 has been facilitated in Michigan export sales by the MEDC (3)
    • 8,800Michigan jobs created and sustained by the MEDC International Trade Program since 2012 (4)
    • 128countries in FY15 were exported to by companies through the assistance of the MEDC International Trade Program (5)
    • 270,927 U.S. jobs supported by exported good from Michigan in 2014 (6)
    • 14,843companies exported from Michigan locations in 2014 (7)
    • 95percent of the world’s consumers are located outside of the U.S., highlighting the importance of opening foreign markets to Michigan goods and services, and level of opportunity for exports (8)
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