Strategic Shifts: Michigan's Magnetism for Businesses Relocating Headquarters

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Michigan has emerged as a magnet for relocation of corporate headquarters and establishment of North American headquarters, spanning diverse industries from advanced manufacturing and footwear to semiconductors.



With the support of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), these companies are tapping into the state's robust infrastructure, skilled workforce and strategic location to grow operations in the state that offers Pure Opportunity.


HOLO Footwear: Stepping into Success

HOLO Footwear, a minority-owned, sustainable outdoor footwear company, made the strategic choice to relocate its headquarters from Portland, Oregon, to Grand Rapids, Michigan, due to West Michigan’s robust outdoor recreation assets, strong talent pool and attractive business network.


While Portland is the noted home of major footwear and athletic brands, HOLO “needed to go somewhere where we got more support,” says Rommel Vega, CEO of HOLO. “The community here, from an investment standpoint, has been extremely supportive. The overall Midwest ecosystem is really, really good.”

Vega notes the company is successfully landing investments from the likes of Grand Rapids-based BIC Capital Partners, Invest Detroit Ventures and Michigan Rise, in addition to the $250,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant.

Beyond Michigan's business-friendly policies and initiatives, HOLO Footwear's relocation to Grand Rapids is made possible by the strong talent pool including designers and retail industry veterans. “We’re a product-driven brand,” he says. “Our approach is to make sure we have really good product people — and I think this town has it.”

When you combine Michigan's abundant outdoor assets, including pristine lakeshores and accessible hiking trails, with the excellent work-life balance it offers, you'll find the perfect opportunity to break in a pair of HOLO shoes on any sunny afternoon.


KLA: From Silicon Valley to Ann Arbor's Tech Hub

KLA, a global tech company focused on semiconductor measurement and inspection, selected Michigan for its second U.S. Headquarters, exemplifying Michigan's prowess in attracting high-tech giants. “Our partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has been instrumental in enabling KLA to serve our global customer base from the new headquarters and benefit from the impressive engineering talent and business culture that Michigan offers,” says Rick Wallace, president and CEO of KLA.

KLA, based in Silicon Valley, considered more than 350 U.S. sites before selecting Ann Arbor for its “proximity to high-caliber engineering talent combined with exceptional quality of life, prime location and reasonable cost of living,” Wallace says.


The seamless transition of KLA's operations to Michigan reinforces the state's commitment to high-tech industries but also positions it as a leader in the semiconductor sector. KLA's active participation in initiatives like the STAR (Semiconductor Technology Acceleration and Readiness) program, aimed at advancing semiconductor manufacturing capabilities, continues to put Michigan on the map by fostering innovation and technological advancement in this critical field.


Tecnoform USA: Italian Company Finds North American Home in Michigan

Tecnoform, an Italian manufacturer of elite, upscale furnishings for recreational vehicles chose West Michigan for its North American headquarters in a move that the company CEO says will support future growth.

“This project will strengthen Tecnoform’s presence and future growth in the North American RV industry,” said Tecnoform CEO Renzo Kerkoc. “We will be closer to our American customers, offering a high-quality product with fast response times for dynamic industry needs with product now proudly made in the USA.”

Tecnoform selected Cascade Township over competing sites in Indiana and Iowa for its $7.3 million, 130-person investment that will serve both as the North American headquarters and production facility of furnishings for luxury recreational vehicles.

“This region is the right place for Tecnoform USA and where we can continue to grow and manufacture our innovative products,” Kerkoc said at the company’s 2023 grand opening.

The project solidified the Italian company’s presence in the state, while building on West Michigan’s longstanding furniture manufacturing tradition.

Embrace Michigan's Business-Friendly Environment

As businesses seek expansion and innovation, Michigan beckons as a land of opportunity, poised to welcome and support companies in their pursuit of success. Michigan's track record of attracting corporate headquarters relocations underscores its business-friendly atmosphere, strategic advantages and skilled workforce.

To explore the possibilities Michigan offers for corporate relocation, visit our Site Selectors Resources. It’s a one-stop shop for site selector needs from statistics demonstrating Michigan’s strengths as a place to do business to a Zoom Prospector database where you can access insights into industrial sites, office facilities and more.

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