You Can in Michigan: The Great Lakes State’s Trailblazing Talent Solutions

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Monday, March 4, 2024

Energizing its workforce landscape, Michigan cultivates top-tier professionals through strategic talent initiatives. Investing in talent programs across target industries, such as EV mobility, advanced manufacturing, transportation, technology, life sciences and clean energy, creates an ecosystem of advocacy, training and tools for successful talent matches in a dynamic job market. This multifaceted strategy places Michigan at the forefront of integrated talent solutions in the country, as proven by the state recently being named a top-ranking state for workforce development in 2024.




The latest talent initiatives from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) aim to align Michigan's highly educated workforce with available careers through skills and background matching. The Talent Action Team, a concierge-level support to businesses looking to grow and expand in Michigan, seeks to address talent shortages by collaborating with various stakeholders.

Michigan's EV Talent Action Team, a pioneering initiative, paved the way for strategic collaborations with major industry players like Bosch, Ford, GM, Toyota and others, marking success in filling engineering jobs. By actively engaging with employers and promoting partnerships like the Michigan Works! Association and MI Reconnect, the Talent Action Team ensures that Michigan remains at the forefront of the next generation of EV and mobility.

The success of the EV Talent Action Team led to the formation of the Semiconductor Talent Action Team. Partnering with industry leaders like the global microelectronics association SEMI, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan to develop specialized curricula, the Semiconductor Talent Action Team is poised to position Michigan as a top state for semiconductor talent solutions and growth. As a result, Michigan-based companies such as KLA, ONE and Calumet are evolving the EV and semiconductor industries and shaping the state's workforce landscape.



In October 2023, Michigan launched a groundbreaking talent attraction marketing campaign, "You Can in Michigan," which aims to address workforce needs, boost the state's population and propel its economic growth. Recognized as the largest state talent attraction campaign in the United States, this initiative spearheaded by MEDC is designed to fill open job positions, attract new residents and contribute to Michigan's long-term economic prosperity.

A dedicated career portal has been established to serve as a comprehensive resource for job seekers, allowing them to explore opportunities in Michigan's key industries. “Michigan is not only among the first states in the nation with a consortium that has successfully identified the key skills and competencies employers need to drive future microchip industry development,” said MEDC Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Solutions & Engagement Officer Kerry Ebersole Singh. “Michigan also is among the nation’s leading states to deliver workforce solutions that help employers in real-time.”

Michigan's dedication to talent solutions is also evident through the appointment of a Chief Growth Officer, Hilary Doe. Speaking to Michigan’s opportunity for growth, Doe stated, “We’re tasked with addressing the state’s declining population head-on by identifying ways to attract new residents and keep those who already call this great state home.” This comprehensive approach, blending marketing efforts, technology and strategic leadership, positions Michigan as a trailblazer in talent attraction endeavors on a national scale.

Chief Growth Officer Hilary Doe speaks at an event



The Michigander Scholars Program and MICHauto play integral roles in establishing a robust student-to-employment pipeline, contributing significantly to Michigan's position as a leader in automotive, mobility and technology sectors. These programs aim to enhance the state's workforce by collaborating with local universities' pilot projects, such as MICHauto’s program focused on engaging and guiding students in high school robotics programs.

Simultaneously, the Michigander Scholars Program, launched by MEDC, focuses on nurturing talent by targeting university students interested in careers as electrical engineers or software developers within the state's thriving EV and mobility companies. As both programs expand to include additional industries, Michigan solidifies its appeal for employers seeking a skilled workforce and a dynamic talent pipeline.

Glenn Stevens Jr., the Executive Director of MICHauto and Vice President of Automotive and Mobility Initiatives at the Detroit Regional Chamber, emphasizes the company’s unique position in shaping Michigan's talent landscape. “As the voice of the industry, we’re better positioned than ever to prepare our workforce from the factory floor to cloud computing for the digital and knowledge-based jobs of the future,” he said. These talent programs leverage Michigan's automotive heritage and manufacturing strength, positioning the state as a global hub for innovation and a dedicated leader in advancing the mobility sector.



Talent can have it all in Michigan: a rewarding career, a fulfilling life, economic opportunity and fundamental freedoms. Discover the state’s top employers in industries with the highest demand for talent through our Talent Action Team.


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