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No matter what your skill set, skill level, or background, Michigan’s leading employers have high-quality, high-tech opportunities available right now to jumpstart your career. Let MEDC's Talent Action Team help match you with Michigan EV and Mobility careers and training today!


Complete this brief questionnaire (takes less than 5 minutes) so we can match you with the best resources for your career goals. Once the questionnaire is complete, your next steps could include: 

  • Applying directly for a job opportunity at our employer partners
  • A short-term training program to get the certifications and skills needed for employment
  • Enrolling in EV/Mobility-related courses at your college or university
  • Connecting with current employees and leaders in the field

The opportunities are endless in Michigan’s EV and Mobility sectors!

Questionnaire for Job Seekers

*Are you currently a student?
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If you are at least 25 years old, have a high school diploma/GED but no Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, and have lived in Michigan for more than 1 year, you may be eligible for additional funding. Please check this box if this describes you and you’d be interested in more information.


MEDC's Talent Action Team is working in coordination with Michigan employers, education leaders and training providers to assist you — prospective jobseekers — in pursuing your career goals with Michigan’s EV and Mobility leaders. The companies below represent just a sample of our partners.


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The EV and Mobility industry is just the first of Michigan’s progressive industries in which we’re playing matchmaker. Michigan’s Tech economy offers huge, varied opportunities, so keep an eye for even more to come. 

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Talent is Our Top Priority 

Michigan's talented workforce and education institutions makes the state a top choice for employers to grow their business. That is why MEDC and its robust network of partners have launched the Talent Action Team (TAT), which delivers tailored solutions to Michigan businesses and job seekers alike, establishing a public-private ecosystem that will lead to upskilling and upward mobility across the state.

TAT links job seekers to training programs that build in-demand skills and employment opportunities in growing Michigan industries.

How Can I Get Involved with the Talent Action Team?

  • Jobseekers and Students: If you’ve filled out the questionnaire above, you’ve done it! We’ll be in touch! If not, what are you waiting for? Fill out the questionnaire to jumpstart your career.
  • Employers: The Talent Action Team is ready to work with you. Email us to learn more and to get involved.

Statewide Talent Programs

Discover more about Michigan's Leading Workforce

With the greatest concentration of engineers in the nation and a skilled trades workforce of more than 250,000 strong, Michigan's workforce is a top reason businesses locate and expand in the state.

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