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    Below are the Success Stories we most recently featured.

  • Cascade Engineering

    Fred Keller, Founder and Chairman

    Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cascade Engineering (CE) is a global manufacturer serving a broad variety of markets including transportation (auto, truck and bus), environmental services, office furniture, agriculture/industrial material handling and more. CE specializes in plastic injection molding and is a nationally recognized proponent of sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices - one of the largest Certified B Corporations in the world. Cascade’s continued success has led to Executive Vice President Kenyetta Brame being appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to the board of directors for the state’s new Talent Investment Agency (TIA).

  • Dow Chemical

    Richard Wells, Vice President for Midland Operations

    Deeply rooted in Michigan since its founding in 1897, Dow Chemical Company’s global headquarters in Midland now employs thousands of workers across the state. Their manufacturing and research capabilities touch dozens of industries from farming to pharmaceutical to automotive with much of the work remaining in Michigan. Another facet of their dedication to the state, Dow’s Michigan-based employees volunteered over 20,000 hours in 2015. Plus, Dow annually invests over $4 million into community organizations in the Great Lakes Bay Region helping to make a positive difference in the community.

    DowChem 1200
  • Duo Security

    Dug Song, Co-Founder and CEO, Duo Security

    Providing advanced security solutions for organizations of all sizes is the mission of Duo Security. Due to significant growth over the past year, the company moved to a more central downtown area of Ann Arbor. Duo plans to add to its incredible team of talented employees, thanks to a recent series C funding round of $30M. Duo will continue to grow and expand the company, opening an office on the West Coast and also in London, to address the EMEA market and provide support to their existing customers in those locations. The company also will leverage the funding to address the emerging security challenges faced by organizations everywhere who struggle to secure their users against breaches in a modern IT environment.

  • Kalitta Air

    Connie Kalitta, CEO

    Inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1992, Connie Kalitta has been synonymous with speed. Starting a career in transport aviation nearly 50 years ago, Kalitta has always been about delivering. With a $2 million grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Kalitta Air built an 80,000-square-foot hangar to maintain a growing fleet of aircraft and added 150 jobs. “It’s an exciting project and a good multiplier,” said MEDC President and CEO Steve Arwood. Perfect for companies that have a need for speed in Pure Michigan.

    Kalitta 1200
  • OpTech

    Ronia Kruse, President & CEO

    Using the home turf advantage, Ronia Kruse, President and CEO of OpTech, started the company with a vision to make Michigan a center for cyber security and to provide hundreds of high-quality jobs to retain students here in the state. She says about Michigan, ”This state has an outstanding educational system that graduates thousands of highly qualified students with Information Technology skills, and for years they have been promptly hired away by companies from other states.” Today, OpTech is an award-winning company with an outstanding track record in cyber security that has offices across the U.S. with key clients that include Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies.

  • S2 Games

    Marc DeForest, CEO

    The brainchild of entrepreneur and game enthusiast Marc Deforest, S2 Games is a Kalamazoo-based video game development company. Since 2000, S2 has driven innovation by listening to their fan base and incorporating features gamers truly desire. Industry leaders in the MOBA genre, or multiplayer online battle arena, S2’s group of talented employees bring their passion for gaming to players across the world. Now regarded as a powerhouse and pioneer, S2 is active in sponsoring global gaming tournaments and giving their fans an opportunity to shine.

    S2Games 1200
  • Short’s Brewery

    Joe Short, CEO & Creative Engineer

    Founded in 2004 by Joe Short, Short’s Brewing Company has been committed to serving handcrafted beer exclusively to the residents of its home state, Michigan. However, after continued sales and success, the state’s borders will no longer contain Short’s popularity. The brewery enacted a plan to continue expanding production and now possesses the capability of nationwide distribution, while still providing the same quality Michigan residents have come to know and love. This presents an exciting opportunity to connect beer lovers all over the country to a taste of Michigan.

    ShortsBrew 1200
  • Quikly

    Shawn Geller, CEO & Founder

    Providing brands an innovative way to interact with fans was the goal of Quikly Founder and CEO Shawn Geller. Based in downtown Detroit, Quikly is a simple but powerful promotional platform that turns marketing into an interactive competition. Fans opt in to individual brand campaigns to try to score offers or rewards from popular brands. The faster the user responds when the offers become available, the better the reward. Quikly’s immediate and measurable results have drawn in nationally recognized brands like DSW, Domino’s, Victoria's Secret, Pet Supplies Plus and Quicken Loans.

    Quickly 1200