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Michigan Economic Development Corporation is a quasi-state agency that exists to advance Michigan’s economy. Our mission is to achieve long-term economic prosperity for Michiganders by investing in communities, enabling the growth of good jobs and promoting Michigan’s strong image worldwide. To do this, MEDC provides valuable services to Michigan communities, businesses, residents and visitors from around the world.

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Founded in 1999, MEDC exists to advance Michigan’s economy and is committed to enabling long-term economic opportunity for all Michiganders.

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The MEDC is comprised of employees with diverse backgrounds and specialties from business and community development specialists, to legal, marketing, research and more.

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The benefits of working for MEDC go beyond basic. Many employees will tell you being a part of an agency that directly supports the success of Michigan is a reward in itself.

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MEDC is proud to support Michigan's economy and this video touches on some of the ways the MEDC makes it happen. From working with businesses, communities and travelers from around the world, MEDC helps keep Michigan moving forward.

Top 5 Reasons Employees Enjoy Working for MEDC

1. I can influence change and make an impact for Michigan communities.

2. I get to work with people who share my love of all things Michigan.

3. I work with great people who are passionate about the work they do every day.

4. Every day is different. I appreciate the diversity of work I get to do.

5. I am always learning. I love working for a company that supports my desire to continue growing in my career.