The Michigan Opportunity

Through dynamic discussion, The Michigan Opportunity markets the state and promotes Michigan as a world-class business location. The podcast serves as a forward-thinking voice for Michigan as a conduit to global trends and applications in the new global economy.


The Michigan Opportunity Podcast

Season - 2 Episode 36

Jonathan Quarles, Founder and CEO – BTL Group & Quartz Water Source

Who is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, founder and CEO of two companies, author, global connector, and runs a foundation for entrepreneurial high school kids? Jonathon Quarles “JQ”, that's who!

Season - 2 Episode 35

James McBryde, President & CEO – Middle Michigan Development Corporation

Learn with Jim McBryde about the economic footprint of the Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe, CMU, Yoplait Yogurt, and other important businesses in the 4 county stretch of the Middle Michigan Development Corporation. Also hear about Jim’s connection with Star Wars!

Season - 2 Episode 34

Jen Nelson, Chief Operating & Customer Experience Officer – Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Listen to Jen Nelson with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and host Ed Clemente as they discuss the myriad of initiatives available to help drive Michigan as a leading global economic powerhouse. As Chief Operating Officer, Jen Nelson leads MEDC’s organizational operations, including development and implementation of MEDC’s strategic plan as well as MEDC’s continuous improvement and organizational performance initiatives.

Season - 2 Episode 33

Arabinda "AB" Ghosh, Chairman and CEO - Hemlock Semiconductor Operations

The ever evolving and fast paced world of Semiconductors is happening in Mid-Michigan with our own Hemlock Semiconductor Operations. Arabinda "AB" Ghosh, Chairman and CEO, has a plan — listen in!

Season - 2 Episode 32

Francisco Betti, Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Production - World Economic Forum

Join our guest Francisco Betti, Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Production at the World Economic Forum, and our host Ed Clemente as they explore this foremost leadership organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. The WEF is the international organization for public-private cooperation and engages political, business, cultural leaders in society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Season - 2 Episode 31

Roderick A. Hardamon, CEO & Chief Strategist of URGE Imprint & CEO, URGE Development Group

With a career of global experience with M&A and the fast-paced world of Wall Street, Rod felt a calling or an “Urge” to return to Michigan and make a difference in his hometown of Detroit through real estate and placekeeping.

Season - 2 Episode 30

Kerry Ebersole-Singh, Chief Talent Solutions & Engagement Officer - MEDC

Learn what 60X30 means, MI Reconnect, STEM, and many other key programs and issues for the future of workforce and talent solutions! Kerry leads MEDC’s strategic focus of developing high-wage skills growth by working with businesses, higher education institutions and communities to better attract, retain and cultivate the talent critical to growing the state’s economy.

Season - 2 Episode 29

Awenate Cobbina, CEO - Bedrock Manufacturing Company & Chair, MEDC Executive Committee

From pro-sports to presidents, to a legal career to wearable fashion, MEDC’s Executive Committee Chairman Awenate Cobbina has had an exciting and eclectic career.

Season - 2 Episode 28

Dr. Thomas Glasmacher, FRIB Laboratory Director (Facility for Rare Isotope Beams) - Michigan State University

What has 1,600 users, 620 employees, 124 colleges and universities, 52 countries, & 13 National Labs, all working under one Michigan State University facility? The FRIB.

Season - 2 Episode 27

Natalie King, Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC

With over 150 employees throughout Michigan, Natalie King is changing the manufacturing face of electrification for vehicles and clean energy!

About the Host: Ed Clemente

Ed Clemente joined the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) in 2020 as the Senior Advisor for Trends and Development.

From 2012-2020, Clemente served as a two-term governor appointed Hearing Commissioner for the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC). Executing over 7,000 judicial Orders/Decisions, over the tenure of service. Prior joining the MLCC, Clemente launched Michigan’s Energy Innovation Business Council (EIBC) establishing it as 501c3 and 501c6 entity and serving as its first President.

Ed Clemente was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2004 representing parts of southern Wayne County. During his three terms in the State House (2004-2010) he led task forces on electric vehicles, biosciences, film industry, Brownfield restoration, economic development, quality of life and advanced energy. Before his tenure as a public official, Clemente held several leadership roles at the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber of Commerce, including President and Director Economic and Business Development. He also previously chaired the Economic Development Committee of the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and was elected as a Trustee for Wayne County Community College District, serving four terms.

Clemente has earned degrees from Ferris State, Michigan State University and Sienna Heights Universities. Clemente was awarded with a prestigious fellowship to the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and The National Judicial College for Administrative Law. He graduated from several political leadership development programs, including Leadership Detroit, Michigan Political Leadership Program, and Leadership 21. He is a previous small business owner and has taught at Northwood University. Additionally, he hosts a “Critical Conversations” podcast and is a member of the Workforce Advisors for Wayne County Community College. Ed serves on the Board of Directors for Global Ties Detroit and the Motor Cities National Heritage Area. An avid traveler, Ed has visited more than 80 countries and territories, 150+ UNESCO World Heritage sites, many to play rugby tournaments, others for professional exchange and some for just intellectual curiosity.

The Michigan Opportunity is brought to you by Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). In collaboration with more than 100 economic development partners, MEDC markets Michigan as the place to do business, assists businesses in their growth strategies and fosters the growth of vibrant communities across the state.