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Kali Klein

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Office IQ designed to lower healthcare costs and help improve employee health

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There seems to be no limit to what technology and the imagination can achieve. Continuous advancements in automotive, agriculture, and healthcare raise the question: “What could be next?” One Michigan-based company is helping to answer that question with a new way to encourage healthy lifestyles in the workplace.

Challenged with the task of lowering healthcare costs, Jake Sigal developed a healthcare technology solution called “Office IQ,” an innovation of Tome Software. Designed to integrate with sit/stand workstations, Office IQ monitors daily work activity and anonymously sends data to employers to help identify employee health and wellness trends.

Although he’s not a native Michigander, Sigal rooted his company in Michigan because “access to capital is a lot easier here than it is on the coast.” Sigal credits his company’s continued success to the Michigan-based talent he’s worked with.

Watch to learn how Tome Software developed Office IQ to encourage healthy habits at work while providing a daily reminder to keep moving.

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