MEDC is here to help all businesses reach their full potential.  

Michigan is experiencing its fastest small business growth rate in 23 years, proving that the state is the ideal location for entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. As champions of Michigan business, MEDC is here to help with whatever you need to succeed — whether that's help getting started or prioritizing your path to growth and success.

MEDC Services To Support Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

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Michigan is home to a robust network of resources ready to help you start or grow your business. Use this interactive tool to find services, programs and additional information that can help throughout every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Please note: The entities listed on this platform have been identified as service providers engaged in small business technical assistance. The MEDC does not endorse any entity listed on this platform and makes no representations about the quality of the goods or services of each service provider, or the results that may be obtained as a result of doing business with any listed entity. The MEDC encourages you to conduct your own due diligence of the service provider you are choosing to do business with.

The Power of Michigan Business Support

MEDC and the State of Michigan help companies like Blue Betty Coffee continue to grow and thrive in the state. With targeted programs developed for companies at all stages, MEDC and its network of partners is ready to help your business succeed.

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Small Business Success Stories

As we look at ways to grow an equitable and resilient economy in Michigan, we remain committed to supporting our small businesses, their workers, and the local communities in all corners of the state.

Quentin L. Messer, Jr.

Quentin L. Messer, Jr.



Michigan and MEDC are dedicated to ensuring our 10 million residents realize economic opportunity and top quality of life. We are at the table to address issues including access to affordable childcare and housing, road and infrastructure initiatives and ensuring Michigan is welcoming to all — delivering Pure Opportunity to our people, our communities and our businesses.