Industry 4.0 Technology Implementation Grant

MEDC’s Industry 4.0 grant program will provide 50% reimbursement for qualifying I4.0 technology costs up to $25,000.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Companies must be a manufacturer, as defined by NAICS code
  2. Proposed project must take place at a Michigan manufacturing facility. Awarded companies will be required to provide a current certificate of good standing from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. 
  3. Companies must be classified as a small business by the Small Business Administration:
  4. Companies must complete an I4.0 Technology Assessment by the MMTC prior to award OR provide documentation of an executed strategy for determining which technology to implement
  5. Companies must be an Essential Member with Automation Alley (free) or be an existing Automation Alley member. For more information visit: 

Program Elements

  1. Technologies eligible for this grant program include hardware/software related to the following I4.0 categories, and preference will be given to transformative technologies (denoted with a * below):
    • Additive Manufacturing & Advanced Materials*
    • Artificial Intelligence*
    • Big Data
    • Cloud Computing
    • Cybersecurity
    • Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Modeling, Simulation, Visualization & Immersion
    • Robotics/Automation*
    • Connected Worker Platforms & Wearables
  2. This is a competitive grant program. Companies will need to clearly define which technology will be implemented and establish a timeline, budget and anticipated outcomes of the project.
  3. Grants will be reimbursement-based and will cover up to 50% of actual expenses incurred. Companies are required to cover the remaining cost of the technology project and cannot be combined with any other grant programs or external funding sources. Company match must be cash, not in-kind resources. 
  4. Financial awards may not exceed $25,000 per company.
  5. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all funding has been allocated.


The grant application is now open and can be accessed by clicking on the button below. For questions regarding the grant program, please contact your regional I4.0 grant administrator. To view a list of previously awarded grant recipients, visit here

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