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    Why won’t the application load?

    If the application is having trouble loading, please use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser as our application has problems with Internet Explorer and Safari. If this does not work, please clear your cache. These two steps solve 99% of the applications failing to load.

    I need to make edits to my application. How can I do that?

    Application changes can be made by re-entering your email address (following submission), and your data will be auto-filled into place. If your company description or address/contact information needs to be edited, you’ll need to log In to your account and select your company from the upper right hand drop down menu. If this menu does not appear, you will need to be granted Admin rights to your account, please contact Andrea or Bobby.

    How much is it to attend PMBC events?

    There is no cost to attend PMBC events, however, parking charges are not covered by the MEDC and will be your responsibility.

    How many people can I bring to the event?

    In the interest of the buyers and getting proper face time with the purchasers, we limit 2 individuals from each company to attend the 1:1 meeting. All other attendees from your company may take part in the other networking opportunities.

    When will I hear back about the status of my application?

    PMBC’s priority is to let all applicants know of the status of their application 1 month after the submission window closes. Because of several variables, this is not always possible, but we will update those suppliers should any delays occur.

    What should I bring?

    Business Cards and other marketing materials are permitted, but remember that you will not have a designated area to set your things for the day, so anything you bring must be portable enough to carry throughout the day.