State of the State: Make It in Michigan a Tool Worth Growing

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Gov. Whitmer’s State of the State details the success and future roadmap for Make It in Michigan, the cornerstone of the MEDC’s strategy for economic prosperity.



Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer delivered her State of the State address Wednesday, outlining recent wins and a clear and ambitious vision for Michigan's economic future. The governor's speech emphasized the Make It in Michigan economic strategy as a driving force in building prosperity across both peninsulas. 

Make it in Michigan, the cornerstone of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC) approach to economic development, is a comprehensive plan for investing in Michigan’s people, places and projects. The strategy focuses on cultivating good-paying jobs, a skilled, talented workforce, vibrant places to live and powerful tools to continue winning projects that support our communities. 

"Companies are investing in America and especially in Michigan in a big way,” said Gov. Whitmer during the address. “We’re showing the world that we make a lot more than just cars. In the decades ahead, we will dominate the manufacturing of batteries, chips and clean energy, too.” 


Make It in Michigan Wins Keep Coming 

Gov. Whitmer highlighted several key wins by Team Michigan to help businesses expand in Michigan: 

  • Homegrown Calumet Electronics will expand with a S.-first semiconductor facility for organic substrate manufacturing in the Keweenaw Peninsula.
  • Nel Hydrogen will build an automated gigafactory in Plymouth Charter Township to manufacture electrolyzers that produce green hydrogen.
  • Scout Motors chose Novi for its new research and development hub.
  • Fortescue has plans for its first U.S. advanced manufacturing center to produce batteries, hydrogen generators, fast chargers and electrolyzers in Detroit.  
  • Hydro Aluminum Metals USA, LLC recently opened an aluminum recycling facility that upcycles scrap into useful products, including auto parts, in Cassopolis.
  • SK Siltron, a long partner in the state’s semiconductor talent development efforts, continues to support its semiconductor wafer plant in Bay City.

These projects were made possible in large part by technical and financial support from the MEDC and the Michigan Strategic Fund. Together, these entities play a crucial role in Team Michigan’s implementation of the Make It in Michigan plan, making the state even more competitive in securing innovative opportunities, accelerating sustained economic growth and creating more inclusive prosperity for all. 

“Today, we reaffirm our commitment, alongside Governor Whitmer and both houses of the state legislature, to ensuring every Michigander has a chance to ‘Make It in Michigan,’” said Quentin L. Messer, Jr.,CEO of the MEDC and President and Chair of the Michigan Strategic Fund. “From the workers and entrepreneurs that embody the spirit of Michigan innovativeness and grit to the vibrant communities that they have created to the friends and neighbors who are employees and employers, together, by making more in Michigan, we are ensuring that Michigan’s championship era extends beyond the gridiron and into accelerating prosperity on both peninsulas. Work remains, and we are more relentlessly focused than ever to get it done.” 


Expanding the Make It in Michigan Economic Development Toolkit  

Gov. Whitmer also outlined plans to improve the state’s economic development tools to continue attracting and supporting businesses, creating good paying jobs and fostering vibrant communities: 

  • Offer R&D tax credits to make a path for Michigan businesses to partner with research universities, offer high-paying jobs and commercialize new world-class technologies.
  • Establish HIRE Michigan so that the state can offer companies incentive to create high-wage jobs in Michigan.
  • Modernize Renaissance Zones to encourage companies to work with their local communities to invest in the area, create jobs and lift local property value.
  • Create an Innovation Fund to help launch hundreds of new Michigan-based startups and create thousands of jobs.

Learn more about how Team Michigan and the MEDC are making Michigan the best place in the nation to live, work and raise a family, from working with businesses of all sizes to succeed to creating vibrant, sustainable and unique places across the state. 

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