3 Takeaways with Brad Martin of Fast Forward Medical

Kathleen Achtenberg

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Brad Martin, managing director of Fast Forward Medical Innovation at the University of Michigan, supports world-class biomedical researchers across the state.

Through his work with the Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) for Life Sciences Innovation Hub, Brad helps biomedical researchers navigate the path to commercialization — and positively affect human health.

The MTRAC for Life Sciences Innovation Hub is part of a statewide network of innovation hubs to accelerate the commercial development of Michigan technologies in sectors that also include advanced applied materials, advanced computing, advanced transportation and agbio. Each hub is strategically located at a university strong in the sector, further increasing the quality and quantity of resources available.

In the following video, Brad shares three takeaways for researchers interested in submitting proposals to the MTRAC program. Following is additional information Brad provided for those interested in the MTRAC program:

  1. Universities participating in the MTRAC Life Sciences program gain access to top-level talent and mentorship to help their technologies move toward commercialization.
  2. Projects coming out of the MTRAC program have been fully de-risked compared to other academic assets; they are ready for investment.
  3. The universities in Michigan house the best the state has to offer, and the MTRAC program brings these programs to the point of commercialization, affecting patient care in the state.

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