3 Takeaways with Javier Evelyn of Alerje

Courtney Overbey

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Alerje founder and CEO Javier Evelyn is working to improve the lives of people with food allergies.

An experienced entrepreneur in the medical technology industry, he has led app projects for a multi-billion-dollar health care organization, while also working as a founding member of MedTech Color to improve representation for people of color in the health care industry. 

With support from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Alerje created a platform that creates better peace of mind for people with food allergies. It can alert users’ CareCircles (family, friends, 911 dispatchers) when they experience a life-threatening food allergy incident, let users know when their medications are expiring and provide suggestions on how to make better dietary decisions.

While at the annual MedHealth Summit, Javier shares three takeaways for entrepreneurs to improve their chances of making a match with an investor or company. In addition to the three takeaways in the video, Javier provided a few additional matchmaking tips:

  1. Go to a company’s website to figure out what it does so you can explain the importance of having a follow-on meeting.
  2. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google to look up whom you’re talking to so you can gain an understanding of how you match with them and how to make the meeting worth their while.
  3. Don’t be scared to get your idea out; you need support and advice to grow your idea and your team.
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail.

If you’ve got a high-tech start-up idea you’d like to explore further and don’t know where to start, contact the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Initiative at 888-522-0103 or visit https://www.michiganbusiness.org/entrepreneurship.


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