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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Innovative start-up provides wireless internet to those “off the beaten path”

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The ease of sending a text, making a phone call or surfing the net from the comfort of your own home was a concept that many residents in rural areas of the Upper Peninsula couldn’t comprehend. ShoreWaves, a wireless internet service provider, was the long-awaited solution for these rural communities.

Founded by three residents of Michigan’s Copper Country, ShoreWaves was born out of personal necessity. These entrepreneurs wanted the freedom to access high-speed internet in their own homes, providing them the option to skip the daily commute to work.

Many areas in the Upper Peninsula lack the existing infrastructure necessary for phone service. By using point-to-point wireless technology, ShoreWaves is allowing rural communities to access high-speed, high-quality internet from their own address for the first time. With a goal of serving as many underserved homes as possible, the company is changing the way rural communities function.

Anna Walls, ShoreWaves business manager, sees great purpose in working in the same community the company is serving. The state of Michigan offers resources for start-ups and existing companies alike, helping them put their missions into motion. The collaboration between local companies pushes each business to function at its highest level.

“It’s really nice to know that the state is standing with us to help us grow and become stronger for our community,” said Walls.

ShoreWaves is just one Michigan company that is putting its community first, changing the way people live and work in the Upper Peninsula.

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