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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A new way to carpool: Detroit based company changes the way employees commute

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With ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft transforming the means of public transportation, revolutionary opportunities in the field quickly became more pertinent. SPLT was one startup that took advantage of this modernized commuting system.

SPLT is an enterprise carpooling application that seamlessly connects co-workers on their daily commute to the office. Across the globe, it is transforming the way people travel, allowing them to ride-share with personnel taking the same route. While fostering communication among co-workers, it economically benefits businesses and positively impacts the environment, allowing companies to achieve new sustainability goals and improve employee relationships.

From its start in New York City, SPLT has since found a home in Detroit. With support from the MEDC, SPLT has applied for and received multiple grants and identified a strong sense of community and collaboration in the area.

“There’s nothing like the true hustle of Detroit…if you win as a company, the community believes that Detroit also wins,” said Founder and CEO Anya Babbitt.

Founded on a vision to change the way people meet and move across the world, Babbitt and the team have grown SPLT from a small start-up into a booming transportation application spurring communication and encouraging sustainability.

Acquired by Bosch in 2018, SPLT continues to operate independently to help companies, educational institutions and municipalities offer ridesharing services to their workforces.

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