Three Takeaways: Global Battery Solution’s Jennifer Sierra

MEDC Staff

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

At the forefront of mobility in Michigan, Holland-based company Global Battery Solutions is committed to reducing the cost of electric vehicles by implementing a four-step process that will repair, remanufacture and repurpose lithium-ion batteries.


Supported by Lakeshore Advantage—a West Michigan non-profit, economic development organization connecting businesses to the resources needed to grow—Global Battery Solutions provides battery manufacturers with a solution for used batteries or once batteries reach their “end-of-life.”

Jennifer Sierra, a former math and science teacher, co-founded Global Battery Solutions in 2014 following a request to fix a lithium-ion car battery. Since then, Global Battery Solutions has worked to perfect a, then, nonexistent process and disrupt the electric vehicle market. By reducing battery pack replacement costs by over 90 percent and expanding on the reduce, reuse, recycle model, Global Battery Solution’s shares the accomplishments of mobility by prolonging the warranty on car batteries and expanding possibilities for autonomous vehicles.

In the following videos, Jennifer shares three takeaways to help aspiring entrepreneurs: identify their role as a disrupter or innovator in their industry; relate to fictional entrepreneurs; and identify the available resources to look for when fueling their start-up.

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