Kali Klein

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Augmented reality vital tool in pediatric pain management

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Doctors, needles, and the mere mention of a medical procedure can be frightening to children.

Parents, of course, will come up with just about any distraction or recite any comforting explanation to ease their child’s concerns. Now, parents might not have to worry so much, thanks to an invention that offers a new way to ease children’s minds during a doctor’s office visit or hospital stay.  

SpellBound uses augmented-reality technology as a vital tool in anxiety management during pediatric medical procedures. Using a smartphone or tablet, SpellBound puts interactive, 3D experiences on top of the real world to engage patients more effectively with treatment.

Top hospitals across the U.S. use SpellBound to distract patients during needle procedures, burn dressing changes and many other procedures that cause distress for young patients.

Located in Ann Arbor, SpellBound is prospering amid the city’s thriving healthcare, higher education and emerging tech scene. “Community is one of the greatest resources a startup can have,” said CEO Christina York, who co-founded the company.

SpellBound’s motto: Distract. Engage. Motivate. Its aim: To create amazing patient experiences.

Learn about SpellBound’s success in transforming pediatric care, and how digital technologies can be used to turn a problem into a life-changing positive experience.

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