Kali Klein

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The number one worldwide fitness application, MySwimPro assists in personal fitness and training goals for swimmers everywhere

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Fitness apps have revolutionized the way people work out. Monitoring sleep cycle, eating patterns, and daily exercise, tracking daily living has become a lot easier. Athletes are now able to have a personal coach right in the palm of their hand. There is now an app capitalizing on this trend, with all these features and more specifically designed for swimmers.

Enter MySwimPro. The number one worldwide fitness application, used in over 150 countries, MySwimPro assists in personal fitness and training goals for swimmers everywhere. The app was originally designed for Apple watches, but is now available on many platforms. Redefining personal coaching, the app delivers a personalized workout, instructional videos, and detailed analytics to give swimmers the best results.

Fares Ksebati, CEO of MySwimPro, tapped into resources provided by multiple government agencies, and this, along with a generous talent pool,  is what lead them to setting their roots in Michigan. Navigating the waters of small business growth can be tricky, but there are numerous organizations and agencies who have the experience and resources to help start ups like MySwimPro swim laps around the competition.

Watch to learn more about MySwimPro and their partnership with the State of Michigan. Fares also appeared in a recent episode of Entrepreneurs in Elevators, which you can watch here.

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