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Google CS First and Applied Digital Skills 

Google CS First and Applied Digital Skills offer additional options for at home computer science educational opportunities. Many schools have turned to virtual classrooms and parents may be seeking quality supplemental education at home during this time to continue their child’s interest.

In November of 2015, the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office partnered with Google to make computer science programs more accessible and approachable for 4th-8th grade students across Michigan. As many parents and guardians now find themselves searching out educational programs for learning at home, several Google programs – CS First and Applied Digital Skills – provide opportunities in computer science. Parents can also get kids involved by participating in the "Hour of Code,” – an one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code." This movement has culminated in the celebration of Computer Science Education Week every December. We think you’ll find these resources as well as others noted below of particular value because none of them require you to be an educational professional or “techy” person to guide your child through curriculum and activities.

The Google CS First program is a free software platform that has students engaging in computer programming across nine different themes (animation, art, fashion, friends, game design, music & sound, social media, sports and storytelling). Visit for additional details about the program.

For additional information about the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office's CS First program, click HERE.

Create Your Own Hero

Students will choose an everyday hero from their own life and build a story or game using code that gives their hero superpowers. Visit to participate

Create Your Own Google Logo

Students bring the Google logo to life using code, utilizing programming and design. Visit to make your doodle.

Create Your Own Flappy Bird Game

Who said that computer science couldn’t be fun? Participate in an Hour of Code by creating your own Flappy Bird game. Visit to get coding.

Create You Own Minecraft Adventure

Who said that computer science couldn’t be fun? Participate in an Hour of Code by creating your own Minecraft journey. Visit to get crafting.

Google's Applied Digital Skills

Students may want to upgrade their scholastic and real-life CS applications through Google's Applied Digital Skills. Google Applied Digital Skills is a free online curriculum that can be accessed by individual learners or used in a classroom setting. Project-based units help students practice basic digital skills using Google's G Suite for Education applications (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc.). Visit for more information.

Additional at-home computer science learning resources



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College/University/Specialized Degree Programs

Michigan is home to some of the countries finest colleges and universities both private and public. Many of these institutions have degree programs which directly impact the creative industries, specifically in film and digital media. Michigan is also home to numerous trade schools and specialized degree programs. All of these wonderful education opportunities prepare students to enter careers in the creative industries and provide companies with a direct link to talent that is homegrown.  

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