Arts and Culture Destinations

Below is a list of Arts and Culture Destinations in the state of Michigan. This list is to be used as a reference. If you are an arts and culture organization that can welcome school groups and are interested in being included in the database, CLICK HERE for the application.  

Cultural Historical, Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre, Vocal Music

Brighton Center for the Performing Arts

Brighton Livingston

Education outreach with performing groups. Workshops for local High School Choirs. Children's Series.

Cultural, Instrumental Music, Science, Theatre, Visual Arts, Vocal Music

Center for the Arts of Greater Lapeer, Inc.

Lapeer Lapeer

The Center for the Arts of Greater Lapeer, Inc. provides an extensive array of educational programming aimed at enriching students' artistic and academic experiences. Here's a breakdown of the offerings available at both The PIX Theatre and Gallery 194: At The PIX Theatre: 1. Plays: Students have the opportunity to watch various theatrical productions, exposing them to different genres, themes, and styles of performance. 2. Music Concerts: Concerts featuring diverse musical genres provide students with exposure to live performances and music appreciation. 3. Animal Shows: Educational animal shows offer students a chance to learn about wildlife, biology, and conservation in an engaging and interactive environment. 4. STEM Presentations: STEM presentations introduce students to concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through entertaining and informative demonstrations. 5. Plays about Historical Figures: Historical plays bring history to life, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of key historical figures and events.

Cultural Historical, Dance, Instrumental Music, Literary Arts, Theatre, Visual Arts, Vocal Music

Chenery Auditorium

Kalamazoo Kalamazoo

The Aesthetic Education (AE) Program functions within the collaborative partnership between EFA Teaching Artists and Aesthetic Education-trained classroom teachers. Working together, classroom teachers and Teaching Artist develop and implement inquiry-based, experimental units of study around specific works of art that students view. These units are designed to highlight the possible relationships between an artist's choices and the viewer's aesthetic response. Through participatory activities and reflections, students further develop their capacities for observation, analysis, questioning, and meaning making allowing them to deeply engage with and experience works of art while making connections to their personal lived experiences, the outside world, and beyond.

Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre, Vocal Music

City Opera House

Traverse City Grand Traverse

As we celebrate our rich past and look toward an exciting future, our historic City Opera House is alive with new energy and anticipation. Since opening its doors in 1892, the "Grand Old Lady," as she is lovingly known, has hosted everything from plays, concerts and operettas, to gala balls, conventions and banquets. The City Opera House truly is a community-based, community-supported gathering space for Grand Traverse residents and visitors alike.

Theatre, Vocal Music

Croswell Opera House

Adrian Lenawee

The Croswell Opera House, Michigan's oldest continually operating theatre, provides school day programming for K-12 classes throughout the year. Called our Junior Town Hall series, the Croswell has more than thirty years of experience offering educational and experiential learning programs for youth.

Additionally, we offer youth ages 8 and above the opportunity to tour our historic theatre as part of a school day event. Built in 1866, we provide tours that include our "catacomb" space beneath the auditorium, as well as our catwalk and fly space above the stage. Relevant local, Michigan and National history are included in the tour, too.

Vocal Music

Detroit Concert Choir

Detroit Wayne

Since its initial season in 1987, the Detroit Concert Choir has built a worldwide reputation for choral excellence. This adult, auditioned choir is recognized as a local, national, and international pacesetter of choral music. The group delivers a broad spectrum of choral experiences and performs a repertoire that spans the range from contemporary a cappella compositions, to American folk and gospel, to the great classical works for chorus and orchestra.

Cultural Historical, Dance, Instrumental Music, Literary Arts, Theatre, Visual Arts, Vocal Music

Downriver Council for the Arts

Wyandotte Wayne

Founded in 1978, the Downriver Council for the Arts (DCA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) arts and cultural organization that proudly serves nearly 400,000 residents in 21 Downriver communities. The DCA's mission is to enrich the quality of life in the Downriver communities by advocating and promoting the arts and providing opportunities for involvement and participation in arts and cultural activities. We actively support local artists and performers through artistic outreach programs and special promotional opportunities.

The DCA also creates regional partnerships with other cultural organizations, schools and service clubs to promote artistic, cultural and special events throughout Southeast Michigan. We hold these activities in our Arts Center and by operating in the various cities we serve. Each program and event at the DCA seeks to increase knowledge and understanding of art and ourselves, improve skills by participants, change one’s attitude or values, give enjoyment, inspiration, and creativity. We welcome all people including youth of all ages, disabled people, underserved/minority populations, and social conscious groups.

Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre, Vocal Music

Flint Institute of Music

Flint Genesee

The Flint Institute of Music is a place where lives are truly transformed through the power of the arts. Whether you are interested in music, dance or drama, a wide array of performance and educational opportunities await you through the Flint Symphony Orchestra, Flint School of Performing Arts and Flint Youth Theatre. Edge-of-your-seat performances, standing ovations, excited students experiencing a sense of accomplishment and belonging...all are a regular part of the FIM experience.

Flint Institute of Music

Cultural Historical, Dance, Instrumental Music, Literary Arts, Science, Theatre, Vocal Music

Great Lakes Center for the Arts

Bay Harbor Emmet

The Center’s mission is to inspire, entertain, and educate through the performing arts with year-round, world-class performances, affordable ticket pricing, and robust educational programming, and to serve as a cultural and social hub for Northern Michigan.

Instrumental Music, Theatre, Vocal Music

Hilberry Theatre

Detroit Wayne

A season of 16 plays at three theatres. Morning Matinee Series is catered to student groups. Tours of the theatre spaces is also available upon request. Engage With the Stage Series is where students and teachers interact with our graduate students inside or outside the classroom, upon request.