Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the complexities of MEDC can be overwhelming. That’s why MEDC has provided answers to the most frequently asked questions job candidates ask when considering joining the organization.

Is MEDC a state agency? Is it a private corporation?

MEDC itself is not a state agency, nor is it a private corporation. MEDC is a unique, autonomous, yet quasi-governmental agency within the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. MEDC, in collaboration with more than 100 economic development partners, is the state’s marketing arm and lead advocate for business development, job awareness and community development with the focus on growing Michigan’s economy. MEDC is overseen by the Executive Committee, which is appointed by the governor. On the state government side, the Michigan Strategic Fund Board, which is comprised of the CEO of MEDC and other members appointed by the governor, was created pursuant to the 1984 PA 270 and has the authority to support the activities of MEDC by approving grants, loans and other economic assistance activities with state programmatic funding.

If I join MEDC, will I be a State of Michigan employee?

Possibly. MEDC is comprised of two types of employees; positions that are detailed from the Michigan Strategic Fund (state agency), as well as positions directly employed by the MEDC corporation. If the position you are applying for is a position of the Michigan Strategic Fund, your employment will be with the State of Michigan. If you are applying for a “corporate” position, your employment will be with the MEDC corporation.

What are the differences between “state” and “corporate” positions?

As one organization, we work together to achieve the same mission and vision of supporting Michigan’s economy, communities and image. However, there are some differences in the type of employee you may be when you come on board. MEDC “corporate” positions and organizational decisions are supported by and subject to the employment rules and policies approved by the MEDC Executive Committee. All benefit and compensation plans are reviewed and approved through MEDC leadership and this committee. The Michigan Strategic Fund “state” positions are subject to the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission. This includes benefits, pay schedules, time off plans and other employment rules. For more information on State of Michigan employment, read more here

I want to be a part of the MEDC family. How do I apply?

We’re excited you’re interested in being a part of our team! Please review our hiring process here

I submitted my application but haven’t heard back. What is the status of my application?

It is our goal to keep the hiring process as expeditious as possible. Once the posting closes, it may take one to two weeks before you are contacted for an interview. If you have not heard back from us in a timely manner, please reach out to

How long does the entire hiring process usually take?

Our postings are usually open for a two- to four-week timeframe. From the time the job post closes to the time we make an employment offer, the standard process takes approximately six weeks.

How can I stay updated on job opportunities with MEDC?

The best way is to like and follow our social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, [insert links] as well as monitor the Careers at MEDC [insert link] page. Also, if you’re specifically interested in State of Michigan opportunities within the MEDC, you can sign up to receive notifications through NEOGOV. (insert link)

How many locations does the MEDC have?

MEDC’s headquarters is located in downtown Lansing, Michigan. We have a secondary location in Detroit, as well as a partner location in Plymouth, Michigan. In addition, approximately 25 percent of our employee population is field based.

What are MEDC’s standard office hours?

Standard office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. MEDC does offer the ability to request an alternative work schedule to provide flexibility within these hours, depending on your team’s needs and availability.

Other questions?

Please feel free to reach out to MEDC’s Human Resource team at