Cemone Moy of General Dynamics Land Systems

Dynamic Defense

As a lifelong Metro Detroiter and manager of international sustainment programs for a military vehicle manufacturer, Cemone Moy is proud to be a part of Michigan’s Defense Corridor

For decades, Macomb County has served as a home base for Michigan’s robust defense and aerospace industry. As a global leader in the design, development, production, support and sustainment of tracked and wheeled military equipment, General Dynamics Land Systems is one of the key Michigan companies safeguarding freedom, and Detroit native Cemone Moy is proud to be a part of that mission.

Since 2017, Cemone has served in a variety of roles with General Dynamics Land Systems, from engineering training lead to managing a team in International Sustainment Programs. She shares the path that took her from Michigan to the skies as a Delta flight attendant and back home again, where she contributes to the state’s Defense Corridor.

“I graduated from Detroit Public High Schools. Prior to receiving my degree, I was a flight attendant for Delta Airlines for several years. I trained in Atlanta then lived in New York and Cincinnati. In 2007, I moved back to Michigan to start my family.

I started my college career at Macomb Community College and received my associate degree. Then I transferred to Central Michigan University (CMU) for my undergraduate (BS in Community Development) and graduate degrees (MS in International Administration), and I am proud of the education I received there. One of the big advantages of being a student at CMU is the campuses they have across the state, so I was able to start my family while attending graduate classes on local satellite campuses, including their location in Warren.


I worked in the relocation and language training industry for five years, serving as a department manager at PALS International in Troy, MI. That experience in training management transferred over to my initial role at General Dynamics Land Systems as the engineering organization’s technical training lead, where I implemented internal programs focused on mentorship and programs to provide internal opportunities to upskill employees internally.   

In my current position at General Dynamics Land Systems, I am the manager for International Programs Sustainment leading the strategic planning of Sustainment activities for our Foreign Military Sales customers with cross-functional teams. As part of U.S. Operations’ Customer Support Organization, our role is to support our global customers by delivering and sustaining General Dynamics Land Systems ground combat vehicles across the globe. Our customers depend on General Dynamics Land Systems to design, build, support and sustain each vehicle we deliver.

My progression has continued since the day I joined General Dynamics Land Systems in 2017. Before joining my current team in a leadership role, I served in a variety of positions, including as the training program lead for Engineering. As the talent development project lead in human resources, I helped manage company-wide programs that included leadership development, professional coaching, mentorship programs and more.

General Dynamics Land Systems’ Vice President of Global Human Resources Clem Coward says it best: ‘It is imperative that we are both defensive and offensive in the war for talent. We need to make sure we are not only recruiting the top talent, but providing the tools they need to grow professionally in an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and teamwork.’

General Dynamics Land Systems is also focused on continuing to grow a culture of inclusion. Getting great talent in the door is only the beginning. Once they are there, we need to make sure they want to stay. And that starts by creating a workplace that is relatable. Employees grow when they experience leaders who can relate to them. It is also important that the workforce has a voice and the opportunity to have a seat at the table. People have a choice in where they choose to work, so we need to make them feel empowered and included so they are motivated to stay and grow at General Dynamics Land Systems.

For the past several years, General Dynamics Land Systems has focused on employee engagement through a variety of events and programs. Unfortunately, some of that focus was lost during the pandemic when many of us worked remotely. To reenergize the workforce, we have initiated an effort to create and encourage the development of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). We have found that the formation of these new ERGs that are fully supported by the senior leadership team, are helping to motivate our employees across interests and generations. The company’s ERGs include the Dynamic Network of African Americans (DNA2), Pride, Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) and RISE Professionals.


What sets Macomb County apart from other areas of the state is the Defense Corridor. Many of the major defense companies are in Macomb, which is also home to the U.S. Army’s TACOM Command. As a result, many other businesses and suppliers are in the county and contribute to jobs and the overall economy. We also have a great talent pool in the area that is drawn to the standard of living in Macomb County.

The defense industry is key to the economic health of Macomb County, and I believe it is important to be involved in the local community. Organizations like Women in Defense, National Defense Industrial Association and the Association of the United States Army are organizations that promote the amazing and important work of our men and women in uniform. I am proud of the unparalleled products, equipment and supreme capabilities that General Dynamics Land Systems provides to our soldiers and Marines so they can return home safely to their families.”