Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for "ArtPath 7" in Lansing

Friday, May 17, 2024

$10,000 goal to win matching grant through MEDC’s Public Spaces Community Places initiative

Photo Credit: Sarah Hopkins


LANSING, Mich. – The historic Lansing River Trail will continue to be activated with 20 new art installations and festivities through the efforts of ArtPath 7 and the anticipated success of a crowdfunding campaign. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center announced the campaign today, which is being offered through the Michigan-based crowdfunding platform Patronicity.

If the campaign reaches its crowdfunding goal of $10,000 by June 17th, the project will win a matching grant with funds made possible by MEDC’s Public Spaces Community Places program. For project details and to donate, please visit:

“ArtPath has brought activity and vibrancy to the historic Lansing River Trail year after year since 2018,” said MEDC Regional Prosperity Managing Director Paula Holtz. “We are pleased to support and provide resources for this project through our Public Spaces Community Places program.”

ArtPath is not just a public art program; it is a cultural tradition that has captured the hearts and minds of Lansing residents and beyond. Since ArtPath launched, it has activated 2.5 miles of trail and transformed blighted spaces with dozens of vibrant and engaging public art installations, some of which still exist today. The effort supports Michigan artists, and the community has responded with overwhelming support, bringing over 356,000 visitors to the trail.

In addition to the impressive numbers above, it’s worth noting that ArtPath attracts artists and visitors from all over Michigan, making it a truly statewide event. This year ArtPath will expand its impact by adding new curated art walks, audio descriptions for each installation, and creating 20 new art installations to the river trail.

Photo Credit: Sarah Hopkins


Zach Kovan, a muralist and ArtPath 6 artist, spoke about the experience of participating saying, "I'm still glowing from the event last week! Such a special thing to be a part of and so grateful to the both of you for putting it on. Getting to not only paint a mural with my mom, but then share it with the community and have a chance to talk about it on many platforms and spaces... so special."

"ArtPath is truly a community project that brings together artists from all over Michigan to produce artwork for Lansing residents and visitors alike,” said Sarah Hopkins, Exhibitions Director at the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center. “Whenever I tell someone, ‘I help produce this project,’ they always tell me how much they love ArtPath! It's so fulfilling to be a part of something that my local community loves and hearing positive feedback from folks validates the impact it has."

Public Spaces Community Places is a collaborative effort of the MEDC, the Michigan Municipal League, and Patronicity, in which local residents can use crowdfunding to be part of the development of strategic projects in their communities and be backed with a matching grant from MEDC. Communities, nonprofits and other business entities can apply at

”The ArtPath project has brought a wonderful tradition to the Lansing community,” said Dan Gilmartin, CEO and Executive Director of the Michigan Municipal League. “Traditions are an important part of bringing a community together and helping members feel connected. The murals created through this project support artists from all over our state and provide opportunities for viewers to learn more about the world around us and one another.”

The Public Spaces Community Places initiative started in 2014 with MEDC providing matched funding of up to $50,000 for community improvement projects throughout Michigan. As of May 8, 2024, MEDC has provided more than $12.5 million in matching grants. Since the launch of the program, 376 projects have been successful in reaching their goal, with more than $14.5 million raised from 69,986 individual donors. Communities have a 97 percent success rate in achieving their goals and earning matching funds.

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