State of Michigan Community EV Toolkit Supports Local Governments in Preparing for an Electrified Mobility Future

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Announcement follows new report showing Michigan winning battery and clean energy race after landing 14 new projects totaling $20 billion of investment and 13,000 jobs since August 2022


LANSING, Mich. – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan Office of Mobility & Electrification (OFME), and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) announced a partnership to create the State of Michigan Community EV Toolkit, an online resource hub for local governments to prepare for the future of electric vehicle (EV) deployment and adoption.

Michigan continues to lead the race for jobs and investment in this industry according to a new report. The report shows Michigan is the number two state nationwide for clean energy investments, with a combined $20 billion of investment since August 2022. The report also shows Michigan leading the nation after winning 14 projects in clean energy, battery, and electric vehicle manufacturing. According to the report, Michigan has announced more than 13,000 jobs since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022.

“The Michigan Community EV Toolkit will offer local governments resources to prepare for the increasing number of electric vehicles by helping them build more chargers in their communities and ensure families can access safe, reliable power when and where they need it,” said Governor Whitmer. “Along with the MI Future Mobility Plan and MI Healthy Climate Plan, the toolkit will help us meet our statewide goals of building 100,000 electric vehicle chargers by 2030 to support 2 million electric vehicles on the road. As more drivers switch to electric, they will save money on fuel and maintenance costs and building up our charging infrastructure will support thousands of good-paying jobs. Michigan is winning the battery and clean energy race, and we will work together to also improve access to hydrogen fueling and ensure that at least 80% of electric vehicle charging happens at off-peak hours so all families can access safe, reliable power.”

The State of Michigan Community EV Toolkit will assist local governments across the state of Michigan as they prepare for electrification and e-mobility by providing a standardized guide for how municipalities can best adapt and implement policies and administrative functions for EV supply equipment (EVSE) and EV charging infrastructure. The toolkit includes model local laws and best practices, and provide information about potential partnerships, funding opportunities, as well as general information about EVs and EVSE.

“To begin planning for the future of EVs and e-mobility, communities must first understand the needs of EV owners and where they will live, work and charge,” said Kathryn Snorrason, Interim Chief Mobility Officer for the State of Michigan. “This resource will provide a comprehensive platform that provides timely information and insights to local governments, community leaders and residents as they consider EV adoption and deploy EV infrastructure.”

The toolkit also highlights the recently announced federal government’s Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program (CFI Program), a new competitive grant program created by President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to strategically deploy publicly accessible EV charging and alternative fueling infrastructure in both urban and rural areas, and along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFCs). CFI Program investments will make modern and sustainable infrastructure accessible to all drivers of electric, hydrogen, propane and natural gas vehicles. The deadline for Round 1 applications is May 30, 2023. Local units of government and other eligible applicants to the CFI program are encouraged to fill out this brief survey for state support.

“SEMCOG is pleased to have partnered with the OFME in developing and launching the State of Michigan Community EV Toolkit,” said Amy O’Leary, Executive Director of SEMCOG. “SEMCOG’s EV Resource Kit and Planning Hub has helped Southeast Michigan prepare for EV infrastructure. Launching this resource statewide will ensure that communities across Michigan have the tools and guidance to secure federal funding and proactively plan for electrification and future mobility needs.”

The Michigan Municipal League has partnered with OFME and SEMCOG to help generate awareness for the toolkit and the federal funding opportunities available to communities across the state.

“Local municipalities will play a critical role in filling the gaps to create a connected, cohesive environment in which EVs and e-mobility solutions can thrive,” said Dan Gilmartin, Executive Director and CEO of the Michigan Municipal League. “We are thankful for the collaboration between the Executive Officer of the Governor, OFME and SEMCOG to help ensure the future of EVs will be accessible to communities of all shapes and sizes.”

View the State of Michigan’s Community EV Toolkit

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