Gov. Whitmer Announces Michigan Wins More than 1,500 New Jobs After Securing Investments from Magna in Three Locations Across the State

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Investments strengthen Michigan’s leadership position in automotive manufacturing and future mobility.

LANSING, Mich. – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer joined the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to announce three investments by Magna in St. Clair, Highland Park, and Shelby Charter Township with support from the Michigan Strategic Fund. In total, the projects are expected to generate a capital investment of more than $526 million and create 1,569 jobs for Michigan residents.

“These three projects by Magna totaling $526 million will create over 1,500 good-paying and build on our economic momentum,” said Governor Whitmer. “Since I took office, we have announced over 30,000 good-paying auto jobs, advanced our leadership in mobility and electrification, and brought critical supply chains of chips and batteries from China to Michigan. Today’s exciting announcement further cements our status as the home of the auto industry and will help ensure that the future of mobility and electrification is designed, developed, tested, and built here in Michigan.”

Magna is a mobility technology company and one of the largest suppliers in automotive whose roots go back to 1957 when the company began working with General Motors. Today, Magna makes everything from seats to powertrains and is the only auto supplier to build complete vehicles. Magna’s products include body, chassis, exterior, seating, powertrain, active driver assistance, electronics, mechatronics, mirrors, lighting, and roof systems. The products the company manufactures can be found on most vehicles today. Michigan is Magna's U.S. corporate home and the state with their largest U.S. footprint. Magna operates 32 facilities in Michigan and employs more than 10,000 Michiganders.


“Congratulations to the entire Magna team on your tremendous growth and success. We are grateful to have earned this investment for Team Michigan! Today’s investments that build on our efforts to position Michigan as the global leader in the future of mobility and vehicle electrification will create good jobs and economic opportunity for Michiganders for years to come,” said Quentin Messer, Jr., CEO of the MEDC and President and Chair of the Michigan Strategic Fund. “We are grateful to the Governor and legislators for the continued support of our programs. We’re proud to join our local partners as we celebrate Magna’s expansions in Michigan and look forward to working together to lead the way into the future of mobility.”

Magna expanding its St. Clair facility, investing $426.6 million and creating 920 jobs

Magna Electric Vehicle Structures was created in 2021 to produce complex structural battery enclosures for electric propulsion vehicles. At that time, the project was expected to generate a total private investment of $70.1 million and create more than 300 jobs over the next five years in St. Clair. The project was supported by a $1.5 million Michigan Business Development Program grant that would be awarded over time as jobs are created. The 345,000-square-foot facility was constructed with the ability to support an expansion of up to one million square feet.

The company has recently secured a new contract to supply additional battery enclosures. To house the new business, Magna is expanding its St. Clair facility, and will create an additional 920 jobs with an additional investment of $426.6 million. The new jobs will include mechanical engineers, mechanical engineering technicians, production workers and machinery maintenance workers.

To support the project, the Michigan Strategic Fund today approved an amendment to the company’s previously approved Michigan Business Development Program grant from $1.5 million to $7.5 million and a 15-year, 100 percent SESA exemption for the company valued at up to $6,304,520 for its $287,590,000 eligible investment.

In addition, the city of St. Clair anticipates approval of a property tax abatement in support of the project as well as supporting the construction of a water tower for the project. MEDC also authorized a State Education Tax abatement to be used in conjunction with the locally approved abatement.

“We are excited to partner with MEVS to bring these jobs and this project to the City of St. Clair,” said Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County CEO Dan Casey. “This is another step forward in the transition toward an electric vehicle future.”

Magna expanding in Highland Park, adding 490 jobs

Magna plans to expand in Highland Park, where it will assemble seat frames and insource trim and foam assembly. The company will also bring in new assembly equipment for the frame lines and redeploy equipment from its sub supplier. The project is expected to generate a total capital investment of $3.7 million and create 490 jobs, supported by a $2.9 million MBDP grant. Michigan was chosen for the project over competing sites.

The city of Highland Park anticipates approval of a property tax abatement in support of the project.

“As Wayne County continues to focus on rebuilding and strengthening our economy, we look to projects that will help to continue driving Wayne County into the future,” said Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans. “With our economic efforts, we are able to provide more immediate benefits and opportunities for our residents. I believe this project is the sort of development that fits perfectly into the vision my administration has for a better Wayne County that works better for all of us.”

Magna will hire production workers, mechanical engineers, machinery maintenance works, and mechanical engineering technicians for the new positions. All operators will go through extensive training and have opportunities for advancement within the organization. The company has developed a training program and mentorship program and provides its employees with full benefits packages. Magna has also put together an executive leadership program, which works directly with local school districts, colleges, universities, and other workforce agencies, to help build out an employment pipeline strategy. For information on careers with Magna, visit 

“With our unmatched capabilities across our product areas, we continue to work with our customers to help them meet their mobility needs,” said Magna Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Eric Wilds. “We are excited to be able to bring new business, more investment and additional jobs to Michigan and we thank the state for its support.”

Magna also bringing jobs to Shelby Charter Township

Magna has been awarded a new powertrain business from an existing customer to manufacture internal components for battery enclosures for electric vehicles. The company plans to lease an existing facility in Shelby Charter Township, where it will invest $96.1 million and create 159 jobs, supported by a $1.3 million MBDP grant. Michigan was chosen for the project over competing sites.

Shelby Township plans to provide staff assistance in support of the project. The Michigan Strategic Fund also approved a five-year, 50-percent Alternative State Essential Services Assessment exemption valued at $369,837 in support of the project.

“Macomb County's manufacturing expertise comes from decades of helping global companies produce a variety of innovative products and solutions. And that level of ability is why these organizations continue to invest in our region today,” said Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel. “So, I am thrilled to see Magna expand their footprint in our community and create new jobs as well. Our workforce is highly skilled, talented, and ready to meet their needs.”

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