Three films receive incentives, feature iconic locations in Michigan

Friday, September 4, 2015

Three independent films are eligible to receive incentives from the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office

LANSING, MI –Three independent films, each probing unsettling mysteries in the thriller, horror and science fiction genres, are eligible to receive incentives from the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office.

Total awards amount to $203,426 for “The Dunes,” “Elder Island” and “The Lake.” In turn, film production spin-off spending is anticipated at $605,027 while short-term work is projected to employ 82 Michigan residents and 31 extras, which equate to five full-time jobs.

“Michigan provides a range of locations, and these films demonstrate the diverse and compelling sites throughout the state,” said Jenell Leonard, commissioner of Michigan Film & Digital Media Office. “There are many reasons to make films in Michigan, including the natural scenery, a talented workforce and communities that open their arms to these projects.”

The first film, “The Dunes,” is set in two of the Michigan’s most iconic locations – Sleeping Bear Dunes and Masonic Temple – which began post-production work this summer. The independent film made by a Waterford-based studio, Method House, is eligible to receive a $68,901 incentive.

Written by Greg Mohrman and directed by Grant Mohrman, “The Dunes” is a heart-pounding thriller that follows the path of a victim of physical abuse coming to terms with what he should do when he finds out his former wife and son have moved in with successful doctor with a dark, abusive past. 

The production of “The Dunes” is expected to make an eligible spend of $196,858 including 39 Michigan resident hires and 31 extras or the equivalent of two full-time employees.

The second film, “Elder Island,” explores a series of mysterious deaths on Elder Island, a place filled with cryptic secrets and plenty of creepiness. Beaver Island, Grand Rapids, Royal Oak and Brighton are expected to be featured in the film.

“Elder Island” is eligible to receive a $90,565 incentive. In turn, the film is expected to spend $287,569, utilize Ahptic Productions facility in Lansing, Michigan and employ 43 Michigan residents, or the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs.

The third film, “The Lake,” follows the travails and triumphs of a team of Navy SEALs as they discover underwater treasure in a Bosnian Lake. The story is co-written by Luc Besson, known widely for directing thrillers and action films. His films include “Nikita” (1990); “The Fifth Element,” (1997); “The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc,” (1999); and, “Taken 2” (2012).

“The Lake” is eligible to receive a $43,960 incentive. The production in Michigan is expected to spend $120,600 with the post-production facility Cine-Tik in Southfield, Michigan.

Earlier this summer, legislation was signed into law eliminating the program for film and digital media incentives. Incentive agreements for these three films were approved before this legislation took effect.

Any film or digital media project approved and issued a fully executed agreement prior to the signing of the legislation will be administered in accordance with the law. The Michigan Film & Digital Media Office is no longer accepting applications for projects seeking incentives.

Michigan Film Office was established in 1979, and changed its name to the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, effective September 1. The office assists and attracts production companies and promotes the growth of Michigan’s film, television and digital media production industries.

For more information, please visit Michigan Film & Digital Media Office. 

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