Traverse City launches crowdfunding campaign for new ‘bumpout’ project

Nate Pilon

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

$5,000 goal to secure matching grant through MEDC’s Public Spaces Community Places initiative

Lansing, Mich. – The Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Traverse City today announced a new crowdfunding campaign through Michigan-based crowdfunding platform Patronicity. The campaign will support the creation of a new, 1,200-to-1,500 square-foot “bumpout” in downtown Traverse City on Front Street by Robert Frost and Miner’s North Jewelers.

“Traverse City officials are demonstrating an innovative approach to placemaking as they continue to incorporate new livability elements downtown like friendlier pedestrian crossings,” said MEDC Community Assistance Team Specialist Nate Scramlin.

If the Traverse City Bumpout Project attains its crowdfunding goal of $5,000 by April 13, MEDC will provide a $5,000 matching grant. For project details and to donate, please visit:

“Walkability and placemaking continue to be top of mind when planning for Downtown Traverse City,” said DDA Director Rob Bacigalupi. “We are excited about the opportunity to for growth of this unique bumpout program by unitizing the MEDC initiative and crowdfunding platform Patronicity.”

Traverse City’s Bumpout Project creates crosswalks that provide safe crossings for residents and visitors and promote places for resting and engaging with others in the community. The city’s most recent bumpout, located at the Greenhouse Café and Green Island, has been well received by the community.

Public Spaces Community Places is a collaborative effort of the MEDC, the Michigan Municipal League, and Patronicity where local residents can use crowdfunding to be part of the development of strategic projects in their communities and be backed with a matching grant from MEDC. Communities, non-profits and other business entities can apply at

“Traverse City is already a very walkable community and this project will continue to help the city become even more pedestrian friendly,” said Dan Gilmartin, CEO and Executive Director of the Michigan Municipal League. “What’s great about this crowdfunding effort is the supporters of Traverse City can also play a role improving their community.”

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