Android Industries expanding in Detroit, adding 131 new jobs

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Android Industries is expanding on the campus of Focus:HOPE in the City of Detroit with support from the MSF and MEDC

LANSING, Mich. – Android Industries is expanding on the campus of Focus:HOPE in the City of Detroit with support from the Michigan Strategic Fund, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced today. The expansion is expected to generate $16.5 million in new private investment and add 131 new jobs. 

“Michigan is the number-one state for creating new manufacturing jobs, and the new jobs resulting from Android’s expansion mean more opportunities for Detroit residents,” said MEDC Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Arwood. “It is through the efforts of the City of Detroit and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation that this expansion is taking place, and we are pleased to support the collaboration.”

Android Industries – Detroit, LLC is a subsidiary of Android Industries, LLC, headquartered in Auburn Hills. The company provides assembled vehicle modules including front and rear suspensions, brake corners, front verticals and overheads to GM Detroit Hamtramck. The company is adding two new major platforms, requiring an expansion at its current location within the campus of Focus:HOPE in the City of Detroit. The project will require a total capital investment of nearly $16.5 million and create 131 jobs, resulting in a $500,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant. 

The Detroit City Council approved an Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Certificate valued at $620,000. The approval of this incentive will help the company offset increased cost associated with the investment of new machinery and equipment. 

The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation assisted Android Industries with identifying the appropriate incentives to make this expansion a reality in the City of Detroit, including assisting the company with the local incentive process and coordinating the requisite applications. 

“The City of Detroit is experiencing notable gains in its primary manufacturing sector and this is a great example of public-private collaborations working together to retain employment while positioning the city to gain 131 manufacturing jobs for Detroit residents,” said Detroit Economic Growth Corporation President and CEO Rodrick T. Miller.

The Michigan Business Development Program provides grants, loans and other economic assistance to qualified businesses that make investments or create jobs in Michigan, with preference given to businesses that need additional assistance for deal-closing and for second stage gap financing. 

The MSF considers a number of factors in making these awards, including: out-of-state competition, private investment in the project, business diversification opportunities, near-term job creation, wage and benefit levels of the new jobs, and net-positive return to the state. Business retention and retail projects are not eligible for consideration of these incentives.

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