5 Quick Questions for Brandee Cooke, 100K Ideas

Courtney Overbey

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Want to learn more about the resources available to support your startup, or how to set yourself apart from the competition? Check out these 5 Quick Questions with Brandee Cooke, Director of Operations for 100K Ideas in Flint to learn more.

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What is 100K Ideas’ objective?

100K Ideas aims to empower every individual with an idea. It's proven that everyone has or has had an idea for a business, product, app, etc., but may be unsure how to move forward. Being a retail storefront for innovation provides an accessible way for individuals to start the process of getting their ideas to market.

What is 100K Ideas’ role in Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem?

100K Ideas is the first step for anyone looking to become an entrepreneur. We help individuals who are at the first stage of this process, meeting them where they are and helping them refine their idea. Acting in this role has allowed us to create connections between these individuals and other resources in the entrepreneurial ecosystem once they've narrowed in on what business they're looking to create.

Why did 100K Ideas open in Flint?

Flint was the perfect place for 100K Ideas to open. Innovation was essentially started in Flint with the birth of General Motors. The mark that left on the community is partially why there has been such significant small business growth in Flint. The small business landscape in Flint is amazing and changing the narrative about this city. The opening of 100K Ideas provided a resource to this community for those wanting to join this growing group of entrepreneurs. 

How has Michigan’s robust entrepreneurial ecosystem supported 100K Ideas?

What's fantastic about being in Michigan right now is there is such a focus on helping budding entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial ecosystem that exists has been a great resource for 100K Ideas. Having those additional assets available to connect with our clients and assist with some of our services has been invaluable.

What’s are myths about Flint that you’d like to debunk?

While Flint was impacted by several significant health and economic crises, the city is making a comeback. When you visit Flint on any given weekend, there are people visiting the Farmer's Market, shopping at the local boutiques, attending a show at the Capital Theater, watching a softball game at Berston Field House, and the list goes on. Flint residents are invested in their community and excited to support all the new growth that is happening. 

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