The Michigan Film and Digital Media Office has positioned Michigan as a worldwide production destination and provides a number of services and information regarding filming, production, permitting and more.

Film Tourism


The Michigan Film & Digital Media Office became the first Reel-Scout client to adopt Reel-Scout's newly-released Reel-Tourism module. The Reel-Tourism module built for the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office is a data-rich repository of all the productions shot in Michigan, since 1940.

The module holds location information and images, set information and images, anecdotal information about the production, cast & crew information and the like. These can then be used by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office or the Michigan Tourism Office (Pure Michigan) to promote Michigan productions as well as Michigan locations used in those productions.

By creating tours, by featuring certain productions, and/or by allowing self-directed searches, Michigan is now well positioned to capture the rising tide of film tourism.

Being the only state that touches four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan has more than 11,000 inland lakes and over 36,000 miles of streams. The state's unique topography results in the variety of filming locations Michigan has to offer filmmakers and productions.

- Access to the Reel-Tourism module will become available shortly 

Additional Film Tours

Batman v Superman Tour Mobile Application

Batman v Superman Tour App

The “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” mobile tour app, commissioned by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, debuted on the same day the film was released in theaters, March 25. The exciting new app developed by Grand Rapids-based Mutually Human allows movie fans and travel enthusiasts to combine their interests to create a tailored experience shaped by their own, self-guided navigation of locations from the film’s scenes shot in Detroit. 

The mobile tour features an interactive map that designates 12 shooting locations from the Warner Brothers movie and gives background information about the scene shot at the site, as well as the property itself. The app also features social media sharing functionality, as well as a library of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” characters and clips. 

“This app also takes an innovative approach that helps us promote Michigan businesses and cultural destinations located nearby and along the paths to location sites in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’’ 

Sites included in the app are exclusively from scenes shot in Detroit at locations like Belle Isle, the Michigan Central Station, and the Masonic Temple. 

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” film footage, photographs, and character information were provided by the film’s distributor, Warner Bros. Pictures, to promote this exciting new release. 

Through the assistance of the Michigan Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM), the MFDMO reviewed multiple proposals from Michigan-specific app developers.

In consultation with Warner Bros., the worldwide distributors of the movie, the company Mutually Human out of Grand Rapids was selected to build and design this unique tourism-focused mobile app. Approval was also given by Atlas Entertainment/Cruel and Unusual, producers of “Batman v Superman.” 

To download the “Batman v Superman Tour” mobile app, please visit: 

Production Directory

The Production Directory is a database filled with local film professionals and vendors. The Michigan Film and Digital Media Office assumes no responsibility for any fraud perpetrated by any individual or vendor. Please use this directory as a reference tool, not as an endorsement by the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office. The database will allow you to customize a search by category, name, region, and credits. Listings include a description and multiple credits for each crew person and support services company.

The Michigan Film and Digital Media Office provides this listing service to our community of crew and support services companies. For those listing, please make sure you are entering one professional production credit per category or there will be a delay in getting your listing live and online. You MUST be a Michigan Resident and/or Vendor to list in the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office Production Directory. Production credits can be in television, commercials, film, documentaries or music videos.

NOTE: The Michigan Film and Digital Media Office (the “MFDMO”) provides this information solely for your convenience. The MFDMO posts the information as supplied to the MFDMO as is, and does not certify the authenticity of information that originates from third parties. The MFDMO assumes no liability for any actions taken or omissions made from reliance on any information contained herein from whatever source nor shall the MFDMO be liable for any other consequences from any such reliance. The MFDMO will correct errors and omissions when they come to our attention and we welcome all parties to inform us of possible errors and omissions.

Job Search and Hiring 

Cast & Crew Calls

Whether you are seeking positions on a production as an actor, extra, or crew member, or you are looking to fill those positions for your production, we are here to help.  Those seeking to have cast or crew calls displayed, please provide us with an extensive email listing the full details (i.e. - production title, production company, production description, positions sought, dates, times, locations) and send that into our office via email to [email protected].  Thank you. 

Michigan Youth Employment

Michigan’s Wage and Hour Division enforces the Youth Employment Standards Act 90 of 1978. The Wage and Hour Division may be contacted at 855-464-9243 or visit here for more information.

Preforming Arts Authorization

An Approved Application for Performing Arts Authorization form is needed from this department for all minors between the ages of 15 days old to 17 years, prior to any rehearsal or performance – modeling, live stage, dancing, singing, filming, taping, etc. The company, the payroll company that is paying the minors and the extras, and the production company must submit a current and valid workers' compensation insurance certificate along with the Application for Performing Arts Authorization form for each minor at least 10 days prior to the start date and time of rehearsal and performance to this office for processing.

The Approved Application for Performing Arts Authorization form is needed for each minor, written parent/guardian permission statement, and the Posting Requirements must be kept on-site at the minor's place of employment/performance. All records required by Public Act 90 of 1978, The Youth Employment Standards Act, as amended, must be maintained, and made available for inspection by an authorized representative of the Department and the employment must be in compliance with all provisions of the Act.

Michigan Unions and Guilds

Permitting and Locations


Permitting in Michigan is largely handled at the local level of government.  While some communities may not require a permit, the MFDMO strongly recommends that productions verify permit requirements by contacting villages, townships, municipalities, cities, and county governments where filming is to occur.  The MFDMO is here to assist with any and all permitting questions and we can be reached at (800) 477-3456.

  • Any productions seeking union business agent contacts can utilize our list of unions.
  • Permits are required for production on federal, state, and tribal lands. On federal property, security clearances must be processed with Homeland Security and can require a lead time of three to four weeks for final approval. State property approval must be acquired from the State Department that manages or owns the property.
  • Permits will be required for production on state and county roads and highways. For city and township owned roadways please contact the local municipality for permits.
  • Permits are required for sensitive areas such as state historical sites, military sites, and protected natural areas.
  • Permits and a proper license are required for all pyrotechnics and can be obtained at any local Michigan State Police post.


The Michigan Film and Digital Media Office has over 6,000 individual locations that cover the diverse Michigan landscape. Individuals and business owners may submit their properties to our location database by following the link below.  The submission process allows for up to 10 photos to be uploaded with a maximum size of 5.00 MB's.  If you need more specific information about the locations you find here, please contact our office at 800-477-3456. Powered by Reel-Scout™, our library offers interactive mapping through Google and live weather data through The Weather Channel. It is updated regularly so please return often.

Michigan Cities Permitting Information and Location Database

Made-in-Michigan Productions

According to, nearly 3,000 movies, television programs, short films and videos have been filmed either entirely or in-part in the State of Michigan.  Michigan has a vibrant history of independent filmmakers who have honed their craft right here at home.  We want to continue to promote the work that occurs in Michigan, not just by our indigenous filmmakers, but also those filmmakers who come to Michigan to make their projects.

Former Incentive Program Information/Dashboard

Beginning in 2008, tax credits were used to lure production companies to the state, and then in 2012, a cash-rebate incentive program was instituted. The incentive program was eliminated on July 10, 2015 through legislative action. If you seek information from any of our prior program years in order to complete the incentives claim process on your project please call us at (877) 477-3456 or (517) 373-3456, and we will gladly assist you. 

Share your Film Success Story!

Have you recently completed work on a feature film, short film, documentary, commercial, music video or other filmed content?  Tell us about your project and help us grow Michigan's creative economy.