At MEDC we work to transform the Michigan economy by growing and attracting business, keeping talented residents here and revitalizing our urban centers.

MEDC Board

The MEDC Board was established through the Interlocal Agreement that established the MEDC. Article VII of the Amended and Restated Interlocal Agreement between the Michigan Strategic Fund and participating public agencies established the MEDC Board. The Board includes representatives appointed by MEDC’s Interlocal partners, as well as the twenty members of the MEDC Executive Committee.

Michigan Strategic Fund

The Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF), which oversees state economic development strategies, is an autonomous entity established by PA 270 of 1984. An 11-member board has statutory authority to direct state appropriations to support business development, community development, talent enhancement and state marketing activities, including the promotion of tourism, film industry, arts and cultural affairs.

Michigan Workforce Development Board

The Michigan Workforce Development Board (MWDB) is Michigan’s workforce investment board and its representation is consistent with the provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and regulations issued pursuant to the act. The MWDB will be instrumental in bringing together efforts and partners from key industries to expand our workforce, economy, and educational attainment efforts.

Commission for Logistics and Supply Chain Collaboration

The purpose of the Commission for Logistics and Supply Chain Collaboration is to advise state agencies on initiatives to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of supply chain management for businesses. Further, the commission aims to create avenues of communication with the Province of Ontario, Canadian federal governmental agencies along with U.S. state, regional, and local governments. The commission identifies industries that can benefit from supply chain coordination, and offer guidance on how Michigan can maintain a competitive advantage in economic development, trade and commerce, and transportation. The 10-member commission represents private business, transportation, border operators, local economic development agencies, and higher education.

For more information on the LSC Commission and meeting dates, please visit MDOT's LSC Commission page.

Section 238 of PA 166 of 2022

Pursuant to section 238 of PA 166 of 2022, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation posts this notice that it has adopted a hybrid policy that includes in-person, remote, and alternative work arrangements. The agency has the authority to assign and schedule its employees and determine their work location. This policy also provides for work options contingent upon the operational needs of the agency. Approval is at the discretion of the agency and can be changed or rescinded based upon operational needs. The policy includes which positions may qualify for a work option, how to request one and the requirements necessary for approval.