Michigan is blending old and new by combining its traditional manufacturing industry and new capabilities in advanced manufacturing. An example of a company doing just that in Kalamazoo is Micro-LAM, founded by entrepreneur Deepak Ravindra.

There are several challenges to machining optics, making it an extremely complicated and expensive process. To address the challenges, reduce cost and increase productivity, Deepak created a hybrid laser-diamond cutting system called the Optimus. The cutting-edge system configures a beam that passes through an optically transparent diamond cutting tool, creating the ability to deliver ultra-precision capabilities for advanced engineered ceramics, infrared crystals, glass, metals and more.

As to why Deepak chose Michigan as the place to start Micro-LAM, he attributes the decision to his established network and the state’s startup friendly environment. In Michigan, academia, angel investors and state programs like the MEDC are well-connected and dedicated to seeing high-tech startups and small businesses like Micro-LAM succeed.

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