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    • MEDC 14-15 Annual ReportDownload: 2014-2015 MEDC Annual Report

      Michigan has turned the corner and our comeback is accelerating. This annual report highlights key results & stories from across the state that illustrate how the MEDC is helping to facilitate Michigan's comeback. MEDC is committed to partnering with the state's businesses, communities & workforce to make Michigan a top 10 state for economic growth. Fiscal year 2014 was strong and we look forward to an even stronger 2015.

    • Prosperity Regions 2014Download: Prosperity Regions 1-10 2014 Annual Report

      2014 Annual Report of the MEDC Partnership at Work in the 10 Prosperity Regions of the state showing total projects for each region; projected total private investment; total jobs committed (direct); with highlights of some of the major projects from each region.

    • Logistics Strategic PlanDownload: Michigan's Logistics and Supply Chain Strategic Plan 2013-2020

      Michigan's logistics and supply vision: provide a collaborative, business-focused logistics and supply chain ecosystem that lowers cost, reduces time, removes risk and promotes job creation to support the movement of freight across the state and around the world.  This strategic plan outlines how stakeholders can engage in this vital work.

    • Michigan's Economic Overview 2009-2011Download: Michigan Economic Overview 2009-2011

      This report is a summary of key economic indicators within the Michigan economy between 2009 and 2011. Measures include population change, jobs, gross state product, top occupations and top employers.

    • MI Automotive Focus, Issue 2 - April 2012Download: Michigan Automotive Focus: Moving Forward - Repurposing Former Automaker Factories

      Issue 2 - April 2012: Redeveloping automotive industrial sites can be a long process, and often, the new uses only replace a fraction of the jobs once supported by automotive activities on the site. However, these facilities represent opportunities for communities to reinvent themselves by finding productive, new uses for the properties.

    • MI Automotive Focus, Issue 3 Cover ImageDownload: Michigan Automotive Focus: Financial Contribution of Automotive Sector to State and Federal Tax Revenues: $134 Billion

      Issue 3 - May/June 2012:  The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) recently released a report showing that the automotive sector contributed at least $91.5 billion in state government tax revenues, and $43 billion in federal tax revenues in 2010. The study focuses the industry’s financial contribution to state and federal tax revenues, and examines multiple instruments of tax revenue generation.

    • MI Automotive Focuse, Issue 4, July 2012Download: Michigan Automotive Focus: Maintaining Michigan's Lead in Emerging Vehicle Connectivity and Mobility Technologies

      Issue 4 - July 2012: CAR's Transportation Systems Analysis (TSA) group focuses on the planning and operation of transportation infrastructure, as well as on interactions between infrastructure, vehicles and vehicle operators and is heavily involved in many connected vehicle research and planning efforts and this issue highlights some of those efforts. This issue also takes a look at Michigan's Labor Pool (a look at engineering and skilled trades); "Eye on the Market: Midsize Sedan Sales Poised for a Surge;" "Technology Focus: 20:20 Hindsight-Automotive Rearview Safety Systems," "Did You Know? Trends in Profits Per Vehicle," "Supplier Spotlight: Faurecia S.A."

    • MI Automotive Focus, Issue 6 August 2012 - Cover ImageDownload: Michigan Automotive Focus: Leveraging Leadership, Maximizing Momentum: A Recap of CAR’s Management Briefing Seminars

      Issue 6 - August 2012: This issue of Michigan Automotive Focus presents topics and discussions that were presented at the CAR Management Briefing Seminars (MBS) held August 6-9 in Traverse City, Michigan, including highlights of CAR's recently published report on the new International Trade Crossing between Detroit and Windsor, which measures the project’s effect on Michigan’s employment base and economy. The activities examined in this report include: bridge construction; statewide construction projects from match funding; bridge operations; and new private investment.

    • MI Automotive Focus, Issue 7 - Sept. 2012Download: Michigan Automotive Focus: Are Suppliers Ready for the Auto Recovery?

      Issue 7 - September 2012: "As light vehicle demand returns to pre-recession levels, there are concerns automotive suppliers—particularly those in the second and third tier—may not be ready to take on the demands of the market recovery. . .Much of the automotive value chain is in the hands of the supply chain, and suppliers will be key to driving innovations in vehicle technology. . .The state with the best policies and services to support the supplier sector expansion will benefit the most from the market resurgence." Check out the articles in this month's newsletter to see how well prepared your company is.

    • MI Automotive Focus, Issue 8 - Oct. 2012Download: Michigan Automotive Focus: A Bridge to Michigan's Future

      Issue 8 - October 2012: "The New International Trade Crossing (NITC) represents an investment in Michigan's future, with the Canadian government footing the bill. . .The NITC will send a clear message to the business community that the state is committed to not only improving its present infrastructure, but planning for a brighter future." Additional articles include: CAR's Forecast: U.S. & Michigan Automotive Employment (pg. 2), Michigan is Well Positioned to Take Advantage of Growing Vehicle Segments (pg. 3),a Supplier Spotlight section (pg. 4) and an article on Michigan Vehicle Production (pg. 5).