Singh Automation, LLC

Portage-based manufacturer looks to attract talent and expand facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges for many businesses, both large and small, and Singh Automation was no exception. The automation technology manufacturer was in a growth period prior to the pandemic, then suddenly faced a loss of talent, supply chain issues and decrease in demand. That’s when the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) came in.

“We are a company that makes innovative machinery, and when things shut down because of COVID-19, our services weren’t as in-need. Coming out of that and trying to bring talent back to our organization, these programs have been critical to making that happen,” said Gurdeep Singh, CEO of Singh Automation, LLC.

The Michigan STEM Forward program, which Singh Automation was connected to via MEDC, supports employers and college students by providing tuition reimbursement programs for student interns. This reduces financial barriers for employers like Singh Automation, while expanding employment opportunities for current undergraduate students.

Through this program, Singh has grown their talent pool by bringing on eager young professionals, while additionally giving their interns critical skills for the workplace.

The Singh Automation team has also been able to leverage networking opportunities through MEDC in order to boost their business goals, which include expanding their footprint and bringing in new business contacts.

Jas Kaur
Owner of Singh Automation

“MEDC is helping us figure out locations, get loans and expand our network so we can connect with other business partners in the industry,” said Jas Kaur, Owner of Singh Automation. “Overall the experience has been great.”

Through their collaboration with MEDC and additional efforts, Singh Automation has been able to come out of the pandemic stronger than ever. Business is booming, with increased desire from businesses globally to expand their use of automated machinery.

The Singh team has been going strong for eight years, but noticed a real change in their client’s needs in the last year with the necessity for robotics and artificial intelligence expanding. Singh creates several automated machines and is especially excited about their work on “co-bot” technology: robots created to work alongside humans to streamline several operations.

“We are thrilled and grateful to be a part of MEDC; it’s a fabulous organization,” said Kaur. “It helps us expand our business and gives us an opportunity to give back to the community.”

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