Lineage Logistics

More likely than not, Lineage Logistics played a role in shipping the food you ate today. That’s why in 2017, when the company began looking to move its international headquarters from Irvine, California, there was no doubt that Michigan would be its next home for opportunity.

Since 2008, Lineage Logistics has been revolutionizing temperature-controlled supply chain and logistics, identifying innovative solutions for moving, storing and preparing food around the world. Recognized by Fast Company as the No. 1 Data Science company in their 2019 list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, Lineage Logistics has experienced undeniable success. Which is why, when it decided to relocate its international headquarters from Irvine, California, to the Midwest, Michigan quickly caught its eye.

“Michigan is a national stand-out, offering Lineage Logistics the resources and support needed to not only grow, but to thrive,” said Greg Lehmkuhl, President and CEO of Lineage Logistics. “Most of our executive leadership team already chose to work out of the Detroit area before we relocated, and with the state’s rich talent pipeline and optimal location to our customers, there was no doubt Michigan was the ideal place for us to do business.”

Despite competing sites in places like Dallas and Chicago, Michigan stood out as the company’s next home thanks to the state’s qualified talent pool and access to the company’s customer bases. To help close the deal, the company received a performance-based grant from the MEDC’s Business Development Program in 2017, allowing it to bring 100 new jobs to Michigan.

Fast forward to 2019 and Lineage Logistics is well on its way to hiring more than the 100 promised jobs at its new international headquarters in Novi. With some of the world’s best supply chain and logistics programs at the nearby University of Michigan and Michigan State University, the company has its pick of highly talented future employees, practically in its own backyard.

These days, Lineage Logistics ranks 23rd in Fast Company’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. While servicing household names like Amazon, Walmart and PepsiCo, Lineage Logistics has boosted its revenue 38 percent from 2017, anchored, in part, by the company’s decision to invest in Michigan as its place to do business.

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