DLN Integrated Systems

From one-time service projects to fully-automated systems, DLN Integrated Systems has built a track record of success over the past 19 years by making sure businesses of all kinds have the tools they need to run smoothly.

Located in Byron Center, DLN Integrated Systems is an independent systems integrator providing creative and complete warehouse and material handling solutions from receiving to shipping. Since 2002, the company has built its business on making sure others’ business runs smoothly, supporting major household names like Bosch, HermanMiller, Kroger, CVS Pharmacy and more.

During the global pandemic, the need for DLN Integrated System’s services was amplified, as demand for deliveries grew and e-commerce boomed. It became clear there was a massive need for high functioning facilities to get the product in, get the product sorted and organized, and get it all shipped out as quickly as possible. In other words, many companies found themselves in need of automated, efficient distribution centers to get their products in the right hands. Enter DLN Integrated Systems, which was able to react to the demand by swiftly developing technology to help these companies with their dire needs, and as help out these companies. As a result, achieve a new level of growth for their own business along the way.

DLN Integrated Systems takes pride in being a service-oriented company that puts its employees first in all it does. DLN Integrated Systems empowers its employees to be independent thinkers and decision-makers and compensates their hard work with competitive pay, opportunities for growth and strong benefits. “It starts at the top, we service our employees well so the service that we exemplify is passed to our customer,” explains DLN Integrated Systems President Phil Schaafsma. This mindset has had a positive impact on all the clients. Within this small business are a lot of experienced people with well over 20 years of history in the industry and a lot of knowledge on how to design the most efficient and effective automated warehouse -- not to mention several hires within the last few years from other industries that have helped to round out the breadth and depth of experience. DLN Integrated Systems provides clients with great customer service and the confidence to do a project well.

For the future, DLN Integrated Systems has a strategy to keep the positive growth going as it continues to explore new opportunities. In its early days, DLN Integrated Systems was primarily known for working with the grocery industry. Now they have successful experience with food and beverage, manufacturing, retail and industrial companies, with a goal to further expand in these markets. “In an effort to become more of a one-stop shop, we plan to become even more full-service to our clients by adding software capabilities that we used to have to outsource. We are also adding robotics capabilities such as our automated decanting solution, which saves having an employee standing in one place repetitively opening and emptying boxes,” says Phil Schaafsma. This push to pursue opportunities and embrace innovative technologies and change within the organization is the reason for the success of DLN Integrated Systems.

In 2021, the company also moved to an expanded office location in Byron Center. This newly built facility now has room for software development and testing and will allow the company to hire several new team members that will be coming on board, demonstrating DLN Integrated Systems’ commitment to continued growth and success -- even after a global pandemic.

To be a Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awardee is a special time for DLN Integrated Systems. This summer will be 19 years from when DLN started with just 3 guys and a couple of boxes and computers. Within that time there have been a lot of ups and downs and being an awardee solidifies themselves in the industry and in Michigan. Phil says, “It is an honor to have been considered and we appreciate the recognition! The entire experience has been valuable for us to thoughtfully evaluate our growth in the state of Michigan and our plans for the future.”

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