Detroit Smart Parking Lab

The Detroit Smart Parking Lab (DSPL) offers collaboration and a neutral platform to examine ways to improve customer experiences and the efficient movement of vehicles and goods in defined spaces.

Grant Information

The DSPL is a physical parking structure operated by NextEnergy and Park Rite offering an open innovation and collaboration site for real-world testing of parking-related mobility technologies, logistics, and electric vehicle charging. DSPL is hosted at Bedrock’s Assembly Garage. For more information about the DSPL, visit

The Michigan Mobility Funding Platform Test Site grant is designed to accelerate investment in mobility and electrification solutions that create safer, more equitable and environmentally conscious transportation for all Michigan residents. These grants support mobility and electrification companies who anticipate long-term growth in Michigan and seek to play a meaningful role in the state’s mobility ecosystem. Test Site grants are deployed to projects at one of nine pre-approved partner testing sites, please connect with one of these sites before submitting your application.

The grant will cover project-related expenses. Those expenses need to be provided in your application, including project cost, grant amount requested, and matching funds (financial or in-kind). The state of Michigan expects all travel expenses to be reasonable and to follow the State Travel Reimbursement Rates.

The application includes general company information, as well as questions pertaining to your product or service, the project’s impact, information about existing project funding, and partners. You are encouraged to attach letters of support/commitment from project partners.

Grants vary in size and we have no strict minimum or maximum amount. Test Site grants typically range from $20K – $90K.

When applying for a grant, applicants are required to secure matching funds (financial or in-kind) for the project, the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform grants will cover the difference. For example, if you need gap funding and the partners involved can cover a large portion of the cost, consider just applying for 10-20% funding from the state. Or if the partners involved can cover a small portion of the cost, consider applying for 60-70% funding from the state. Applications with high matching funds will be looked at favorably.

Important note: All information submitted, including without limitation, information submitted in connection with or included in any Michigan Mobility Funding Platform grant application, is subject to disclosure under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. 


The grant application is now open and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To learn more and apply, please click the button below to access the application.



If you have questions about this grant or application process, contact:

Janine Ward
Mobility Innovation Associate Director
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