MI Future Now

Creating Jobs & Opportunities in Michigan

Our state needs more good-paying jobs and opportunities right now. It's time to bring our supply chain back to the U.S. and create the good-paying jobs of the future in Michigan. Local jobs have a ripple effect in our communities, supporting our schools, emergency services, housing and improving our quality of life.

"I’m a Michigander at heart. I’ve been here my whole life. I want my kids to have the same opportunities I had."

- Jennifer Rupp
Marshall, Michigan

"My friends are here. My family is here. And if we can bring jobs back, my future is here."

- Theodore R.B., High School Student
Lansing, Michigan

"Big projects help small businesses in Michigan — just like ours."

- Erin and Doug Shafer
Albion, Michigan

"A new business is a shot in the arm to the local community. It’s the core. It provides jobs. Property values go up. It’s really important to keep bringing jobs here."

- Lisa Kost, Realtor
Okemos, Michigan


Tell us how creating good-paying, local jobs and opportunities for young people is important to you.