MACC Grants

From our historic monuments and museums to traditional practices and contemporary arts, the council is dedicated to ensuring that every citizen and community in Michigan enjoys the civic, economic and educational benefits of arts and culture.

MACC Grant Programs

The Michigan Arts and Culture Council (MACC) coordinates grants to arts and culture organizations, cities and municipalities, and other nonprofit organizations ensuring that every citizen and community in Michigan enjoys the civic, economic and educational benefits of arts and culture.

All applicants must use the MACC online application process, which can be found at Note: Some SmartSimple features may not be available in Internet Explorer 11. For the best experience we suggest using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. For general instructions about navigating the SmartSimple system, click here.

*Operational Support program applicants must participate in SMU/Data Arts,

Community Partners Grant

The Community Partners grant is a competitive grant program that exists to strengthen communities by encouraging them to work collaboratively with artists and culture bearers to explore cultural traditions/heritage and share in the creative process of arts and culture where the collaboration is integral to daily lives and is valued as a tool for community development.  Grants from $10,000 to $20,000 with a cash or in-kind match are available for qualifying applications. 

Operational Support Grant

Operational Support is a competitive grant program that provides operational support to arts and cultural organizations only. Municipalities, schools and non-arts nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply in one of the other categories. MACC defines arts and cultural organizations as those organizations whose primary mission is to provide an experience, including a learning experience, that is based in a specific arts or cultural discipline. These organization types are: Arts Education Organizations, Arts Services Organizations, Collecting or Material Organizations (such as museums, historical societies, and zoos), Public Broadcasting Organizations, Literary Arts Organizations, Performing Arts Organizations and Visual Arts/Film/Video/Digital Organizations.

Project Support Grant

Project Support is a competitive grant program that provides support for the production, presentation and creation of arts and culture that promotes public engagement, diverse and excellent art, lifelong learning in the arts and the strengthening or livability of communities through the arts. These projects connect communities with the world by exploring, sharing and supporting creative expression, and by doing so they promote the health and well-being of communities and citizens throughout our state. We believe that by sharing creative experiences and expressing our creativity, we build powerful connections with the people we are closest to, with our community, the world around us and with ourselves. Open to colleges/universities, municipality or non-arts related nonprofit organizations.

Capital Improvement Grant

Capital Improvement is a competitive program for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and municipalities that provide funding assistance for the expansion, renovation, or construction of arts and cultural facilities; upgrade of equipment and furnishings to provide an up-to-date environment; provide or increase accessibility to persons with disabilities, or integrate energy efficient products and technologies. Improvements from Capital grants should enhance arts and cultural practices, as well as, achieve direct artistic and cultural outcomes within their communities.

Arts in Education Grant

Arts in Education is a competitive program that seeks to fund arts education school-based arts learning projects, designed to introduce or enhance student knowledge of and participation in a particular art form such as: dance, theatre, music, creative writing, storytelling, visual arts (including video, media arts and graphic design), or traditional folk arts. These projects connect with students and the world around them by exploring, sharing and supporting creative expression, and by doing so they promote the health and well-being of students and citizens throughout our state. Open to K-12 schools.

New Leaders Grant

The New Leaders grant offers up to $4,000 in support of arts and culture related projects or collaborations led by a young person (ages 14-30 years old) who is associated or connected to an established youth/teen council or young professionals group. 

Regional Regranting Program

The Regional Regranting Program provides specific support to a network of nonprofit organizations to distribute local Arts Projects and Professional Development grants referred to as Minigrants. Each Regional Regranting Agency operates within specific service areas appropriated by county. Applicants to this program are by invitation only.

Minigrant Program

Professional or Organization Development Minigrant (POD) provides up to $1,500 to assist non-profit arts and cultural organizations, artists, arts administrators, arts educators and film professionals with opportunities that specifically improve their management and/or brings the artist or arts organization to another level artistically. The Minigrant POD program may provide Michigan arts and cultural orgs, artists, arts administrators and arts educators a presence at national conferences and workshops. 

Minigrant Arts Projects provides up to $4,000 to support special opportunities and address arts and cultural needs locally. The grant can assist in promoting public engagement, diverse and distinctive art, lifelong learning in the arts and the strengthening or livability of communities. Through the arts, projects can support a broad range of artistic expression from all cultures through projects which preserve, produce or present traditional or contemporary arts and culture and/or arts education.

Services to the Field Program

With an understanding that there are services we want offered to the field that we do not have the capacity to offer directly, the MACC recognizes the need to partner with other organizations to accomplish our goals which provide the opportunity to experience, participate in or learn about high-quality arts and cultural projects. The Services to the Field Program is integral to accomplishing that. In partnership with organizations around the state, we are able to extend the reach of the MACC as well as each partner through goal-based programs and initiatives.

MACC Partner Grants

MACC partners with other statewide organizations that also provide grant funding to support arts and culture programming:

Underserved Counties

It is the Council’s long-term goal to make quality arts and cultural programs and services available to all 83 counties in the State of Michigan. In order to accomplish that, MACC has identified 43 underserved counties.

In addition, an underserved community is defined as one in which people lack access to arts programs, services or resources due to geography, economic conditions, cultural background, sociopolitical circumstances, disability, age or other demonstrable factors. The term “community” can refer to a group of people with common heritage or characteristics, whether or not living in the same place.