MACC Grantee Requirements

In this section, current MACC grant recipients can find information relating to the management of their grant award.


Recipients must acknowledge Council support as part of the contract. As a Grantee you shall prominently display the Council's name and logo in printed materials associated with the grant and to include support credit in each broadcast promotion as follows: 

"This activity is supported by the MICHIGAN ARTS AND CULTURE COUNCIL and the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS." (Note: grantees only need to acknowledge the NEA if federal funds are included in their grant award. Check grant contracts for full details).

When no printed material is used, verbal acknowledgment shall be given prior to or at the beginning of each presentation. You must also transmit copies of printing, photographs, advertising and program materials prepared for this activity to the Council. For more information, visit the Acknowledgement Requirements and Promotional Toolkit. Use of the MACC logo is reserved for individuals and organizations who receive grant funding from the Michigan Arts & Culture Council.

Tools & Resources


The MACC staff is here to help. If you need assistance or have questions you can contact the MACC staff here.