Grant Funding Process

Review the information below to learn more about the grant funding process followed by the Michigan Arts and Culture Council.


The funding process for MACC arts and cultural projects begins with the development of guidelines for all the Council's programs. MACC staff shape the guidelines based upon MACC priorities and industry needs. They work with stakeholders to update and/or revise guidelines. The Council reviews the guidelines and provides expertise. Focus group meetings are conducted for public input on the programs and subsequent guidelines.

Grant Assistance Workshops

Conducting technical assistance is the next step in providing information and guidance to those interested in applying to the Council for grant funds. Workshops are conducted throughout the entire state. MACC often partners with other service organizations to provide additional information on grants writing, grants making and improved project management. Staff continues providing technical assistance and consultation to applicant organizations until the grant application deadline.


Applicants are required to use our online platform, SmartSmiple, and adhere to specific program guidelines.

Review Process

MACC uses a compliance-based funding model, applications are adjudicated objectively on a binary “eligible for funding” or “ineligible for funding” scoring system based on the applicant’s ability to satisfy the requirements of the application and prove it is compliant (in good standing) with both the State of Michigan and federal government.  Council staff facilitates this process, adhering to program guidelines and policy to ensure a fair and equitable review of all grant applications.

Funding Plans

MACC Staff develops a funding plan based on the fiscal year funding parameters.  The parameters include:  compliance based review, geographic distribution, and grant program allocations.  The Council reviews a tentative funding plan that is considered for approval by the full Council at scheduled Council meetings.