Michigan's Defense Industry Assets

Top universities, R&D facilities, defense OEM’s and a 4,000 member supply chain makes Michigan a defense industry leader.

Why Michigan for Defense

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LIFT, Dept. of Defense Sign New Agreement Continuing Advanced Manufacturing & Talent Development

LIFT, Dept. of Defense Sign New Agreement Continuing Advanced Manufacturing & Talent Development

Detroit-based Department of Defense manufacturing innovation institute, LIFT, announced new $49.4 million Cooperative Agreement with the Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology Program, continuing the public-private partnership and national manufacturing innovation institute through 2028.

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Michigan-Based Testing & RD Centers

Michigan's University Research Corridor

The University Research Corridor (URC) is an alliance of Michigan’s three leading research institutions: Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. Of all the federally funded academic R&D money in Michigan, the URC accounts for 94% of those funds.

Highlighted below are major defense related programs offered by the three URC’s.

Michigan State University

  • Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER)
  • Composite Vehicle Research Center (CVRC)
  • Composite Materials & Structures Center (CMSC)
  • Automotive Research Experiment Station (ARES)
  • Franunhofer Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies (CCD)

University of Michigan

  • Institute for Advanced Vehicle Systems
  • MURI Center for Intelligent Electronics
  • Terrorism and Preparedness Data Resource Center
  • University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
  • M-Air Drone Testing Facility

Wayne State University

  • Institute for Information Technology and Culture for Homeland Security
  • Smart Sensors and Integrated Micro Systems

Additional Defense-related educational programs offered by Michigan institutions

Eastern Michigan University

  • Center for Regional and National Security
  • Coatings Research Institute for Military Equipment Protection

Lawrence Technological University

  • Center for Innovative Materials Research for Defense Applications

Oakland University

  • Macomb Oakland INCubator
  • Product Development and Manufacturing Center

Macomb Community College

  • Homeland Security Program
  • MCC Cybersecurity Center

Michigan Technological Universty

  • Center for Cybersecurity
  • Michigan Tech Aerospace Engineering Research Center (MARC)
  • Strategic Education through Naval Systems Experiences (SENSE)

Oakland Community College

  • Combined Regional Emergency Services Training Center
  • Information Technology for Homeland Security Program

Walsh College

  • Information Assurance Center

Wayne County Community College District

  • Michigan Institute for Public Safety Education-Homeland Security Certificate Program

Industry 4.0 Preparedness

Michigan’s manufacturing heritage, talented workforce and high-tech, innovative vision has allowed forward-thinking companies to align with Industry 4.0. MEDC and our partners also offer resouces to help your business manufacture smarter.

Michigan's Leading Cybersecurity Industry

Michigan is taking a leading role in developing innovative solutions for protecting the security of systems and people across the state, country and world. The state’s cybersecurity initiative is the world’s first comprehensive state-level approach to cyber, improving the state’s defenses and fostering rapidly growing cyber talent and business environments.

Michigan’s Cyber Range is the nation’s largest unclassified cyber range, with hubs stationed around Michigan, including at Northern Michigan University in Marquette; the CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center in Warren; Pinckney High School; the Macomb-OU Incubator in Sterling Heights; Wayne State University; and the West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology in Grand Rapids. These cyber range hubs offer more than 40 industry-recognized certifications, exercises and workshops aimed at qualifying individuals for positions and contracts in cybersecurity fields.

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