August 3, 2023

Southfield, MI - USA

Southfield Sourcing Summit 2.0

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PMBC has partnered with the Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce for the second bi-annual Southfield Sourcing Summit, Meet the Buyer event, on August 3, 2023.


1500 Town Center, Southfield, MI - USA

This event will feature a keynote speaker, success story, and meet-the-buyer roundtables. Suppliers will complete registration and select up to four buyers they’d like an opportunity to hear from. Each supplier will get at least one meeting.

Registration closes July 25, 2023

Programming will include an hour of speakers and two hours of Meet the Buyer roundtables (15 minutes each). The planning team will encourage the buyers to submit specific procurement needs for the next year. During the roundtable, buyers will spend five minutes discussing those needs and how suppliers can gain access to their procurement platform. The last 10 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions from the eight suppliers who’ve been selected to sit at the roundtable.

Learn more and register here.