Welcome to CES, the largest gathering of consumer technology startups, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and innovators in the world. The event has served as a worldwide showcase for the newest consumer technologies for more than 50 years. But, make no mistake, this is much more than bright lights and the latest gadgets.

CES is the intersection of imagination and innovation.

The world’s largest consumer technology exhibition returns Jan. 5-8 as CES 2023 takes center stage in the tech world.


Startups, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and innovators from across Michigan and around the world will gather in person and online Jan. 5-8 to connect and share ideas for what's new and what's next. From smartphones and smart homes and smart cities to next-generation mobility solutions, CES offers a glimpse into the breakthrough technologies that will shape the future of how we live and move.

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Business Match Meetings

Pure Michigan Business Connect and the Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification will once again be hosting pre-scheduled business match meetings at CES to connect startups and suppliers with corporate businesses to explore opportunities for potential partnerships.

The ultimate goal of these one-to-one connections is to create global business leads for Michigan companies. Watch the video below to learn more.

Interested in participating in a future business matchmaking events? Get started here.

Michigan's Culture of Innovation

The MEDC team has led a delegation of legislative and industry leaders to previous CES shows to connect with tech startups, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world and highlight Michigan's entrepreneurial ecosystem as the ideal business climate to establish partnerships and bring next-generation technologies to market.

From putting the world on wheels more than a hundred years ago to helping to define how future generations will live and move, Michigan's culture of innovation is driving the future of consumer technology.

Mobility Technology on the Move

Mobility Technology is on the move at CES - on the show floor and on the streets of Las Vegas - and Michigan companies and partners are paving the way. Learn more in this video from CES 2020.