Welcome to CES, the largest gathering of consumer technology startups, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and innovators in the world. The event has served as a worldwide showcase for the newest consumer technologies for more than 50 years. But, make no mistake, this is much more than bright lights and the latest gadgets.

CES is the intersection of imagination and innovation.

The world’s largest consumer technology exhibition returns Jan. 9-12 as CES 2024 takes center stage in the tech world.


Startups, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and innovators from across Michigan and around the world will gather in person and online Jan. 9-12 to connect and share ideas for what's new and what's next. From smartphones and smart homes and smart cities to next-generation mobility solutions, CES offers a glimpse into the breakthrough technologies that will shape the future of how we live and move.

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Team Michigan at CES 2024

On January 9, COVESA hosted its 12th Annual CES Networking Reception. The event featured 65+ showcases, booths and demonstrations on EV Charging, Vehicle Safety, Connected Vehicle & Cloud Service, etc. The MEDC and the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification (OFME) also sponsored a "Connected Mobility" pavilion. Guests and speakers included Michigan's Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II, Joerg Heuer of EcoG, Natalie King of Dunamis Charge and more. See COVESA Reception photo gallery below.


Coolest Tech Solutions

From pet-friendly robotics to groundbreaking vision-enhancing goggles, CES 2024 showcased how Michigan's innovation is shaping a sustainable, tech-empowered future.

Mobility Trends

Join Michigan’s Chief Mobility Officer, Justine Johnson, behind the scenes of CES 2024 and discover the latest mobility innovations from charging infrastructures to air mobility.

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