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Why Michigan


Why Michigan

  • Pure Michigan Means Business

    Michigan is undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation. Bold changes have made us more business-friendly than ever. Business taxes are lower than any time in decades. And, our economic development tools are now available to all businesses. These changes, combined with our manufacturing leadership, world-class talent, geographic advantage and Pure Michigan lifestyle are fueling new economic growth and new business opportunities.

    Ours is the best comeback story in the nation. We invite you to help us write the next chapter.

    Michigan is a leader in making things and making things work. But we are innovators first and foremost. We have brought innovation and bold change to our state.

    Statewide Capability

    Michigan is undergoing an amazing transformation, where jobs and business opportunities are on the rise. In the last four years, over 200,000 new jobs were created in the state and today, over 50% of recent graduates choose to stay right here.

    Michigan is home to a diverse and highly skilled workforce.  Michigan's high-tech workforce is the 4th largest in the country with:

    •  65,000 engineers
    •  70,000 R&D professionals
    • 181,000 skilled tradespeople

    The state's nearly 14,000 manufacturing establishments have access to one of the world's largest concentrations of industrial R&D and a top-rated research university system.

    Michigan's growth rate is tops in the Midwest and is sixth best in the country. Other indicators of Michigan’s comeback include:

    • Economic activity is at a 10-year high
    • The Gross State Product is projected at $340 billion
    • Exports are projected to reach $3.27 billion.

    Michigan's geographic location puts it within 500 miles of half the U.S. and Canadian population and income.  International border crossings offer unlimited access with our largest trading partner.

    Over 15,000 sites are available today for industrial, office, retail and agricultural use.

    Commitment to Business

    With a low 6% Corporate Income Tax, Michigan has one of the best tax environments in the country. Manufacturers will save even more with the pending elimination of the State Personal Property Tax.

    Each year, $170 million is available in incentives and assistance. Plus, $100 million is available in loans to small and midsize businesses.

    Cultivating Growth

    Pure Michigan Business Connect

    This statewide procurement database connects businesses to billions of dollars of opportunity to help them expand their supply chains, identify new opportunities and provides free or significantly reduced legal, accounting and web services.

    Capital Resources & Incentives

    $100 million in loans to small and midsize businesses is available for projects that need extra help to close the deal, second-stage gap financing, as well as projects aimed at revitalizing urban areas, reusing buildings and promoting mixed use and sustainable development.

    Pure Michigan Talent Connect

    Michigan's state-wide jobs website connects job creators with job seekers.

    Business-friendly Culture

    Michigan is committed to strengthening successful businesses. Not only is the administration decidedly pro-business, but entrepreneurs and startups also have access to a myriad of business services and vital financial support - available through 15 SmartZones and business incubators, each anchored by an academic institution.