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Pure Agribusiness

When it comes to growing crops and businesses, see why one state has the perfect climate for both. Michigan.

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What makes Michigan a leader

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    Produces over 300 agriculture
    commodities annually
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    #2 state for agricultural diversity
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    Home to approximately 2,100 licensed food processors
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    Wide variety of weather and soil conditions
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    Unmatched GDP growth and success for 6 years
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    Top producer of dried beans and tart cherries
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    Within 500 miles of half the U.S. and Canadian markets
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    Agribusiness-friendly tax laws and business climate

Agribusiness success stories

Joe Short, Short's Brewing handcrafted beer company, Bellaire, Michigan

Founded in 2004 by Joe Short, Short’s Brewing Company has been committed to serving handcrafted beer exclusively to the residents of its home state, Michigan. However, after continued sales and success, the state’s borders will no longer contain Short’s popularity. The brewery enacted a plan to continue expanding production and now possesses the capability of nationwide distribution, while still providing the same quality Michigan residents have come to know and love. This presents an exciting opportunity to connect beer lovers all over the country to a taste of Michigan.

Joe and Bob McClure, McClure's Pickles food processing company, Detroit, Michigan

Using their great grandmother’s recipe and launched from a tiny kitchen in Michigan, McClure’s pickles has grown into a 20,000 square foot facility in Detroit. Supported by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and with funding from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, company productivity has increased and idle time has been reduced significantly. “And it all starts by getting the best, freshest produce available, right here in Michigan,” says co-founder Bob McClure.

Cherry Republic ALT:  Bob Sutherland, Cherry Republic gourmet cherry products and gifts company, Glen Arbor Michigan

Cherry Republic started over 25 years ago as a T-shirt sold out of the trunk of a car. Since then, the company has grown to sell over 175 different cherry products. Cherry Republic now has four stores, a large catalog and internet business and they sell their products to 450 other stores in the Midwest. Located in Glen Arbor, the company’s main campus is home to the Grand Café, featuring an everything cherry bakery, ice creamery and sandwich counter; the Stomphouse Winery, which offers cherry wine and soda pop tasting for all ages; and finally, the Great Hall, a sampling and gifting cathedral to everything cherry. During the holidays, the company employs 275 employees.

Why Michigan for agribusiness

From growing to manufacturing, Michigan offers a bounty of opportunities for agribusiness. Home to 51,600 farms that utilize 10 million acres of farmland, our diverse growing conditions make us the number one producer of blueberries, cherries, cucumbers and dried beans. Our food processing businesses generate nearly $25 billion to our state’s economy.

Michigan’s business climate is one of the most favorable in the Midwest. We eliminated personal property tax, which significantly reduces costs for companies that have expensive capital investments in equipment. And we’re consistently ranked among the top 10 states for major new and expanding facilities. In fact, about two thirds of all Michigan businesses would recommend our state as a place to start a business.

Live, work, play in Michigan

 Picture of Otter Creek during Sunset at Esch Rd, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

Michigan’s attractive business climate is surpassed only by its natural beauty and active lifestyle. With four seasons, 11,000 lakes and the country’s longest freshwater coastline, Michigan offers ample opportunities to enjoy recreational activities like boating, fishing, golf, skiing, hiking and more. Michigan is also home to the highly regarded Detroit Institute of Arts, over 100 wineries, a growing dining and craft beer scene and four major league sports teams. We also have the lowest cost of living of any state in the Midwest. When it comes to living and doing business, nothing compares to Pure Michigan.

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