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Entrepreneurs in Elevators

Entrepreneurs in Elevators

  • Serial entrepreneur and innovator, David Ollila from SkyPoint Ventures, has teamed up with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to connect with some of the most passionate entrepreneurs and innovative companies across the state. Follow along to hear their stories of trials and triumphs, and learn about the ecosystem that allowed them to bring their ideas to life. Contact the MEDC Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team to learn more about entrepreneurial opportunities in Michigan.

    MySwimPro - Fares Ksebati

    Ann Arbor, Michigan is one of the top swimming cities in the country. It’s also a hub of entrepreneurial activity and high-tech startup support, making it the perfect place for Fares Ksebati to develop MySwimPro—the first mobile app of its kind specifically made for swim training.

    Green Glove Dryer - Karen Smoots

    A Michigan mom of two, Karen Smoots needed a solution for the wet winter gear that never seemed to dry out no matter what method she used. Through creativity, enthusiasm, a supportive network and a commitment to Michigan manufacturing, Karen invented the GreenGlove Dryer—a favorite for any outdoorsy family.

    SkySpecs - Danny Ellis

    Danny Ellis of SkySpecs knows it takes a village to raise a startup. His software company has the potential to impact several major industries by changing the way large infrastructure is inspected. He shares his story, lessons learned, and advice for budding entrepreneurs.

    Abcor Industries - J.T. Weis

    JT Weis moved back to Michigan from Paris (yes, Paris!) to lead Abcor Industries, an innovative company disrupting the building and furniture markets with its powder coating technology. The inventive products, collaborative environment and supportive nature of the region drew him in—for good.

    Why Michigan?

    Michigan is rooted in innovation and production. Those same roots are what makes Michigan a great place for entrepreneurs to start and grow a business. Coast to coast,  there is an abundance of resources, expertise and financial support help to startups no matter their industry. The thriving ecosystem includes a wide range of state and private groups that collaborate on everything from funding and research, to technology, talent acquisition and retention. From providing mentors to business training and access to manufacturing, there is something here for every one looking to start a business. 

    Contact the MEDC Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team to learn more about entrepreneurial opportunities in Michigan.