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Sources of Demographic and Economic Data

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    New Business Entities

    As reported by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

    County Business Patterns:

    This U.S. Census Bureau site's data includes counts of establishments by the employment size of the establishment at the county, metro and zip code level.

    Labor Market Information Division, Current Employment Statistics (CES):

    This portion of the Data Explorer Site is a query based website that provides all manner of employment statistics for Michigan, including current employment/unemployment statistics for geographic regions in Michigan and by employment sector. All files are downloadable.

    Labor Market Information Division, Local Employment Dynamics (LED):

    This portion of the Data Explorer is a new tool that delivers county economic indicators (such as job creation, new hires, turnover, and new-hire earnings) that previously were not available with demographic detail. All files are downloadable.

    Labor Market Information Division, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW):

    This portion of the Data Explorer provides a complete count of workers covered by unemployment insurance programs. This quarterly census shows the number of industry establishments (based on the North American Industry Classification System [NAICS]), their average monthly employment and average weekly wages. The available state and county data is typically used for a detailed look at Michigan's industrial makeup. All files are downloadable