The PMBC Process – The Three Approaches

Once your business reaches out to PMBC, our specialists will get in touch with you to inquire about your specific needs and identify supply chain opportunities. To assist this process, PMBC has developed three customizable, time-saving approaches: targeted searches, matchmaking initiatives and the B2B network. Learn more about our three approaches below.

Targeted Searches

  1. Companies with procurement needs or joint venture interests connect with PMBC
  2. Based on their needs, PMBC conducts a thorough search of the Michigan Database
  3. Then, a list of qualified Michigan companies is compiled
  4. The PMBC customized results are sent out to be reviewed by purchasers/investors
  5. Purchasers/investors reach out to companies of interest to pursue new opportunities

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Matchmaking Initiatives

  1. Purchasers contact PMBC with all their business needs
  2. PMBC creates a custom online application based on the purchasers’ needs
  3. The PMBC custom applications are sent to suppliers across the state
  4. Once PMBC receives completed applications, we evaluate and send only the best matches to the purchaser for final review
  5. The purchaser then picks companies they’d like to meet with
  6. PMBC arranges matchmaking initiatives and also schedules one-on-one buyer/supplier meetings

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B2B Network

  1. Michigan companies and individuals register at
  2. This creates a searchable database with an extensive network of suppliers
  3. The registry also lets Michigan businesses upload all their procurement needs
  4. Businesses use keywords to get notifications if someone is searching for them
  5. Michigan businesses connect with each other and have all their business needs fulfilled
  6. This builds a strong network that can help expand your business

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